Saturday, January 29, 2022


Lance Campers boast Truma’s dual-fuel furnace/water heater combo

By Russ and Tiña De Maris
Lance Campers frequently get accolades for their solid, reliable construction. Their Lance 960 recently took home Truck Camper Magazine’s Readers’ Choice award. Now, riding on the camper’s coattails, Truma Corporation wants to remind readers that they manufacture the heating and hot water system with its dual-fuel furnace/water heater combo system.

Lance puts only one heating unit into the 960. How’s that? The Truma Combi eco plus not only heats the camper interior, the same unit also heats the water for the taps. The system provides a triad of sources: LP, 12-volt, and shore power. Or so the release reads. To quote, “Our customers appreciate the quiet operation and ability to run off of three different power sources (110V, 12V & Propane), providing maximum versatility,” says Lance’s marketing director.

A closer look at the Truma website would seem to indicate that users can choose to heat air and water with either LP or shore power, or a combination of them. The 12-volt would seem to power the furnace blower and control system. Regardless, both Truma and Lance claim the furnace blower is soooper quiet. Learn more at or email

SOURCE: Truma press release.



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