Saturday, December 3, 2022


RV dealer provides rare insider information to RVers


In this video from Haylett RV in Michigan, Josh “the Nerd” provides a rare insight into the current state of the RV industry and how it is affecting RVers. It is very unusual that an RV dealer talks so candidly and provides insider information to RVers.

Josh talks about how RV manufacturers are once again raising their prices to dealers (3 to 5 percent) and what that means to you (higher retail prices, of course). He offers tips on buying an RV. He adds that it could easily be months before a particular RV purchased today is delivered.

Josh shows a photo of his used RV sales lot, revealing mostly empty pavement with a mere three RVs, two of which are already sold. He explains how inventory is so low, not only with his dealership but others, that some dealers even put RVs that are in for service in front of the dealership. That makes it look like the dealer has more inventory to sell than it really does.

There is a little hype here for Haylett RV, but the information is overwhelmingly candid and very valuable to RVers. This insider information is helpful whether they are buying, selling or simply like to keep informed about the RV industry – where it is and where it is headed.

Haylett Auto & RV Super Center
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Denny Kincade
1 year ago

Just returned to VA from FL. Every lot in FL as well as every lot between here and FL was full of RV’s.

1 year ago
Reply to  Denny Kincade


Philip Sponable
1 year ago

Sorry, the lots I see up and down 99/5 in CA/OR/WA are full, full, full. Maybe the back lots are empty but those facing the road are not.

Ken W
1 year ago

Do large RV dealers such as Camping World or Lazy Days have priority or more pull when it comes to delivery of new RVs? Does the squeaky wheel (Big Guy) get more inventory by flushing out manufactures in Indiana and Alabama. Just asking. Yes I understand demand can drive manufacturing, but is the Big Guy pushing around the little corporate RV lots?

Tommy Molnar
1 year ago
Reply to  Ken W

You might have something there, Ken. And then the “big guys” buy out the little guys (or starve them out!). You would think large dealers would have more affordable prices than a low volume mom & pop dealer, but that’s not always the case either.

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