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Never stop learning: Ways to do so while RVing


It’s been said, “Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures.” I agree! Curiosity or a thirst for learning can be a continuous adventure, much like RVing. There are new things around every corner! Here are just a few ways to satisfy your curiosity and learn while RVing.

Ways to learn while RVing

Audit college courses

Many four-year collegiate institutions as well as community colleges allow people to audit classes for free. If you plan to be in one location for an extended length of time, auditing a class may be for you. Contact the college and inquire about auditing. You may be required to pay administrative, book, and/or lab fees, so talking to the admin department is a good first step. Bonus: Many classes are also offered online so you can “attend” no matter where your RV takes you!

Go local

  • Museums. If you want to learn more about your current surroundings, check out local museums. Many communities, even small ones, may have a museum that houses interesting collections and important historical information pertaining to the area. Museum hosts will happily share historical facts as well as local folklore and can often direct you to additional sites for your further exploration.
  • Historical societies. Just like museums, many towns and villages have established local historical societies. You can Google locations on your phone or laptop. Historical societies often publish reading material, videos, and other forms of information about the local area.
  • Libraries. If there’s a library in your vicinity, it can be another great resource for gathering local history and general information. Tell the librarian that you’re interested in finding out more about the town, its first settlers, geological information, and more.
  • Cemeteries. A simple walk through the local cemetery can be enlightening. Note prominent family names. Read the epitaphs. Notice the intricate carvings present on some headstones. You might just discover some graves that share your surname.


Almost anything you care to learn about can be found on the internet. You can learn a second (or third) language, discover macrame, virtually tour a distant country, and so much more. If you’ve always wanted to (insert your own idea), you can most likely find an instructor or instructions online.


In addition to Public Television, which hosts many adult educational programs, don’t forget streaming services like Netflix, too. Shows like “Explained,” “The Toys that Made Us,” and “Life in Color” are just a few shows worth checking out.

The art of conversation

One of the best ways my husband and I have found to satisfy our curiosity and learn while RVing is simply talking to fellow RVers. Conversations have prompted future RV trips, given us a greater understanding of the mobile workforce, encouraged us to eat right and exercise, and much, much more. Learning doesn’t always need to come from a book, and conversations continually prove that fact.

So, how do you satisfy your curiosity and keep learning as you RV? Tell us about it, won’t you? Use the comments below.


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8 days ago

Great Courses DVDs. I chose one to take each season. Lots of topics.

Gary Vines
10 days ago

Another great opportunity is OLLI, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, an adult learning program associated with over 250 colleges across the country.

One of the many courses offered at many OLLI sites is GREAT DECISIONS, an 8 week community discussion program that uses materials produced by the Foreign Affairs Council of America to examine 8 topics important to US foreign affairs in the coming year.

Google OLLI Tucson Central Campus to see an example of a really strong local program.

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