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Ask Dave: My slide room is tearing up the floor! How can I fix it?


Dear Dave,
The front slide drags in the kitchen area and rips up the flooring. The half in the living room is fine. I’ve tried to adjust it but nothing seems to work. How can I fix it? —Kenneth, 2002 Winnebago Journey

Dear Kenneth,
Since you did not give the floor plan I can only assume the larger slide you are talking about has the HWH slide mechanism. I went to the Winnebago Owner Resource site and it looks as though they were still using that in 2002 on the larger slides. Some of the bedroom slides were using the Kwikee electric single rail mechanism.

This, in my opinion, is the best slide mechanism in the industry. They just got caught in the 2008-2010 industry freefall and I’m not sure exactly why manufacturers went away from it. I believe it was due to price, as several inexpensive or better-named “cheap” mechanisms flooded the market after that.

How the slide mechanism works

It starts with a hydraulic pump that is also used for the leveling jacks. Hydraulic fluid is pumped to the solid bars or extensions that move in and out carrying most of the weight of the room as well as the compartments, which are connected to the room rather than the foundation. Winnebago named this “StoreMore,” as the compartments would come out with the room extended, making it easier for owners to access storage rather than crawling under the room.

The system also had a synchronizing valve that would adjust pressure to assure the bars would extend and retract evenly no matter what type of weight distribution it encountered. I conducted training seminars for dealers across the country and we would load 10-12 dealers inside on the couch and dinette and extend and retract several times, which was quite a demonstration!

Inside on the bottom of the floor was a “shoe” that would glide on the carpet or vinyl flooring. It was an extruded aluminum bar with a channel on each side that held a half rounded piece of plastic. This allowed the room to glide back and forth without doing any damage to the flooring material. The only issue I saw was the shoe would leave an indentation on the carpet when it sat in a retracted position for a length of time, similar to what a couch leg would do.

Is the coach level?

I’m going to use my “scratched record” phrase and ask, is the coach level and secure when you extend and retract the room? Any uneven surface can twist the frame and then twist the sidewall and create this issue.

Let’s assume it is level, so the next step would be to inspect all connection points of the rams to the room and chassis. Notice the first picture at the top of this article has the upper left bolt missing. This could cause some issue with movement, so everything must be secure. Next check all your seals and trim pieces around the room to ensure there is nothing restricting the front part of the room.

Inspect the underside of the room

Then inspect the underside of the room by extending it out halfway and using a crow bar and 2×4 to lift the room, and insert the 2×4 to look underneath. Verify there are no restrictions or foreign items such as screws, bolts, or other obstructions. Look at the shoe and see if the rounded plastic is intact and not torn up. Also inspect the entire floor to make sure there are no screws that have loosened or metal “hangnails,” as I call them, sticking out.

This system does not have the traditional rollers of the lower section of the slide room, so my guess is there is something hanging up on the front portion of the room. And as you found, there isn’t much adjustment that would affect the front end.

If all that seems to be good, contact Winnebago Industries Owner Relations Department, as they are outstanding with technical advice.

One last option would be to install a set of Lippert Slide Room Glides, available on Amazon.

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Dave Solberg is a leading expert in the RV industry and the author of the “RV Handbook.”

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Howard cole
19 days ago

little surprised at your comment about ensuring rv is level when operating slide, but I see this from time to time. I have HWH SLIDES ans air bag leveling system that n 42 ft 4 slide Monaco Dynasty and manual says clearly to extend and retract slides in travel mode. After extending I THEN level and stat way until ready for departure and then put on travel mode pull in slides and depart- has worked fine for 11 years of continuous live aboard travel. Do read the manual as procedure varies both ways.

Tim Bear
19 days ago

Those slide room glides are great! I use them to protect our LR carpet from any indentations caused by anything under that LR slide. 2007 Tiffin Open Road 32BA.

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