Wednesday, June 16, 2021
Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Lemon law attorney: “Don’t buy a new RV!”

In this recently released video, Michigan lemon law attorney Steve Lehto discusses the continuing epidemic of poor quality RVs. Steve reads portions of an article from titled “The Truth About RVs.” The article quotes him and others in the RV industry, whether industry PR spokespersons or disgruntled buyers.

Steve advises prospective RVers to not buy a brand-new RV but a good used unit where the owner has already fixed the bugs. Plus, he says, you’ll save a lot of money.

If you are planning to buy an RV, do yourself a favor and watch this 13-minute video.

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Tom B
1 month ago

Sure, new RVs have problems, but some brands are worse than others. And if you buy used, it’s no guarantee that any problems have been fixed. You still have to check everything. The seller just might find it easier to sell “as is” than to deal with a four month backlog for repair. To complicate things, the model I want has had a lot of improvements the last two years, things that I want. Buying used would be a step down.

And since the title of this article is “Lemon Law,” lemon laws don’t apply to RVs without an engine, like a trailer. And even if what you buy is covered by Lemon Laws, if you buy out of state, your state laws may exempt your purchase.

Last edited 1 month ago by Tom B
1 year ago

we use a desktop.

Captn John
1 year ago

I’ve purchased at least 14 new RVs over the years with hardly a problem. My last 3 were a Montana and only 1 had cosmetic issues fixed by the dealer in a day after waiting 2 weeks for Keystone to replace the wood trim in 1 area. Just purchased a 2019! this year, at 71 it will be my last.

1 year ago

Chuck; sorry about the negative feedback, but it’s not you or your staff – it’s what’s happening in our country today. I’m nearly 75 and cannot remember when it’s been this bad – gonna get worse next year due to the election season. PS. Like your new format and yes I read it on my smart phone. See you down the road, be safe and stay healthy.

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