Send Marcus money and he will send you a video


It’s absolutely true – Marcus Lemonis, the TV celebrity and Camping World CEO, will send you a personal video if you just ask and then send him $500!

Just tell him what you want him to say, and he’ll say it in a one-minute video, which he’ll shoot on his iPhone. Examples.

Join Marcus’ satisfied customers, two of which wrote after receiving their videos:

“As the best business mentor we’ve never met – thank you! Best birthday card ever. And yes, you can get a free car wash or detail anytime you are in Denver!”

“Dude, it was perfect thank you so much!”

But wait! If $500 is too much, then maybe you should hire Stormy Daniels at half the price – only $250. We think a message from her trumps Marcus by a long shot. Examples.

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Renee from Idaho

I’m with Robin Canfield! This is not RVTravel worthy and I wouldn’t pay for a video for neither one!

Robin Canfield

I am stunned ,this article has nothing whatsoever to do with camping or RV ing, and VERY offensive, if I wanted to see Stormy Daniels in her underware I would subscribe to the National Imquirer I cant believe you actually published this in this venue, please remove me from your mailing list.

Steve Kniceley

Don’t want a video from either of them!

Ed D.

I have been a member subscriber for a few years now. I read your newsletter every week and I always find many interesting and enlightening things within. This particular piece was neither interesting or enlightening. I don’t care about the references to Lemonis or to Stormy. I do, however, take offense to your reference to our President while referring to Stormy. I realize that you are from Seattle and that it is a liberal bastion of “never-Trumpers” but there are an awful lot of us that are not anti-Trump! So please refrain from bashing our President, or I will refrain from remaining a member subscriber from this point forward. There are alternative ways to make this point.


Wow! As an occasional commenter over the course of the MANY years I’ve subscribed to this newsletter, I certainly did not expect the comment I left a bit ago to be censored! It concerned what I consider to be the inappropriateness of this article, and my visceral reaction to it in non-offensive language. Now I’m beginning to wonder how many other comments have been deleted that did not adhere to RV Travel’s selective version of PC police. It will be interesting to see if this comment passes through the grid.


Disgusting! This crap does not belong in your newsletter. Are you hitting the skids, along with Lemonis?

Bob Haddock

Don’t want anything to do with camping world. I have tried to unsubscribe several times to his emails i started getting after buying a $2.00 part at a store and i keep getting them after 2 months. Stormy wins hands down.


Ugh, yet another look in to an obsession about Lemonis. We get it, some despise him but this one is slimy. I suspect readers here are intelligent enough to determine if they should do business with Camping World, or not. I enjoy the daily newsletter and I want to become a paid subscriber, but don’t want to financially support this endeavor. I come here to read and learn about the enjoyment of RV life.


Chuck I am beginning to think you are taking this anti-Lemonis sentiment too far. I certainly am not going to defend him but every issue with an article about him or Camping World is getting tiring. This article would seem to better fit in the National Enquirer. Don’t succumb to wrestling in the mud.

Thomas Becher

She looks like she was ridden hard and put away wet.
My answer,NEITHER

Edward Price

Never thought I would say this, but Stormy has a volume deficiency and a hum problem. But hey, look around, there’s an ex-PB Playmate who is voicing for only $25, and you can get the guy who voiced the Cryptkeeper on HBO for only $50 (and he’s eloquent and witty). Anybody remember when we used to buy celebrity audio clips on cassette tapes to copy onto the answer message on our telephone answering machines?
I wonder if I can get Trump to tell me that I’m “Yuuuuge”?



Ronald A. LaMascus

This is one of the most disappointing experiences ever on RVTravel! I have been a supporter now for about 9 years but this piece of crap is causing me to rethink my support. I could care less about Lemonis but the implication toward our President is not acceptable. Period.


No Thanks!

George Bogosian

Really..those are the only choices?…… thanks. Carry on.


Best pole yet!


I didn’t answer the Poll! The 3rd Choice should have been: “NEITHER ONE OF THEM”!