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Level the easy way with Camco’s T Level


T Level
T Level

By Bob Difley

Camco’s T Level makes it easier and faster to level your RV when setting up camp. Much easier than checking separate levels — a front-to-back and a right-to-left. Leveling can get frustrating if you’ve driven 300 miles on a hot day and just want to park your rig in the campsite and dive into the pool, take a leg stretcher, or pop a beer.

With this level, you have just one place to look to satisfy your leveling prowess — for instance, mounted on the tongue of your trailer. Or in a motorhome mount it in the cockpit so the driver can level without having to get in and out repeatedly to check outside levels.

Tip: Before mounting the level, set up your rig in the traditional way until it is perfectly level. Then place the T Level at various spots around the driver until you find one where the bubbles line up exactly. Now you know you’ve got the right place to mount it.

Camco RV T Level can be mounted with screws or adhesive, and provides front-to-back or side-to-side leveling. Measures 1.625″ W x 2.25″ H x 0.56″ D.

You will find the T Level on Amazon.

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