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Level your trailer or fiver easily with ReVo Leveler

By Bob Difley

ReVo-Leveler-RVT-754The ReVo Leveler was developed for both bumper pull trailers and fifth wheels, so that when you locate your trailer on a site a simple press of a button will tell you the board thickness needed under the wheel and which side needs raising to be level. Another button tells you when the trailer is in the correct disconnect position, another for level front to back, and a fourth for connect position.

– No guessing and no trial and error.
– Indicating arrows visible from  driver side mirror enable leveling left to right a one-person job without getting out of tow vehicle.
– Installs in seconds. No holes in your RV.
– No need to drive your RV to a “level” spot for the initial set up. The software allows the initial setup to take place anywhere you are able to level left and right using boards or ramps.
– Works regardless of the terrain and tow vehicle to RV relationship.
– In the disconnect mode, it shows the amount of jack extension needed before you disconnect so you can retract enough jack to reach level front to back when the camp site is uphill.
– You may want to get boards 1/4” and 1/8” thick to level left and right because the display will show values in tenths of an inch. It’s easy to be exact when you know what to use.
– Rechargeable battery. 12v car charger adapter and cable included.
– Large display.
– Easy set-up.
– Designed by an experienced RVer.
– Does not affect any factory wiring. Use the trailer manufacturer’s installed method to move the RV up and down. ReVo Leveler tells you which way to go and when to stop.
– ReVo Leveler nests on a permanent mount when in use and removed for storage when not.

Fivers – Watch the truck suspension or king pin no more to find disconnect height – regardless of the terrain. Connect your 5th wheel without stopping, getting out to reposition the RV, then back into the truck to connect. You’ll be at the right height regardless of terrain.

Travel trailers – why move the tongue jack more than you have to – manual or electric. Less travel means more life for the motor or your arm.

You can find the ReVo Leveler at Dyers Online RV Parts and Accessories and at Amazon.

You can find Bob Difley’s RVing ebooks on Amazon Kindle.



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6 years ago

Wow, this is an impressive piece of machinery. I really like what you said about there not being any guessing work about it. My cousin has a fifth wheel that he always has to try over and over to get it at the right height. Hopefully this could help him too. I’ll send him the link. Thanks again!

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