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Leveling vs. stabilizing an RV


Lynx Levelers

There is a big difference between stabilizing and leveling an RV. You need to know the difference to properly use the equipment on your particular RV.

Leveling a coach is to bring the unit to a comfortable level position for camping. This requires lifting the weight of the coach from its normal driving position to a level position.

Andersen Levelers

Stabilizing a coach is to reduce the amount of undesired movement in the coach while in use by making a physical connection between the coach’s frame and the ground.

Valterra stabilizer

Please understand that if your new RV is equipped with stabilizing jacks, they absolutely cannot support the weight of the coach. You must first level the coach by backing the wheels onto boards or Lynx Levelers, etc., to get side-to-side leveling. For front-to-back leveling, use the tongue jack/landing jacks. Then deploy the stabilizing jacks to minimize the bouncing/rocking movement of the coach.

Lippert stabilizers

If your coach is equipped with hydraulic leveling jacks, they are designed to take the weight of the coach, but you must follow the manufacturer’s directions closely.

As a general rule, if it’s hydraulic, it levels; if it has an electric motor or a manual crank, it stabilizes.

In all cases, make sure your coach is parked on stable ground, and that the wheels are chocked properly at all time while stabilized or leveled.

More information on your particular system can be found in your owner’s packet or by asking your orientation technician or service advisors.

Information can also be obtained from your coach manufacturer, or the individual component manufacturer, such as Lippert Components, HWH, Power Gear and so on. You can also see a video from the RV Doctor, Gary Bunzer, explaining leveling systems and stabilizer jacks. Watch the video.

Article courtesy Diamond RV Centre, West Hatfield, Mass.

Editor: You can find RV stabilizers and levelers at Amazon.

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Emma H
2 years ago

Leveling ensures that you are safe before you run your tires, during travel, and when you tuck yourself to sleep. Drive your camping worries away using leveling. Is that right?

Sharon B
3 years ago

Hmm leveling and stabilizing: Now I know the difference. Thanks for the education.

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