Sunday, October 24, 2021


Light up your RV with magnetic LED lights

By Jim Twamley

I was in WalMart with my camera and spotted these LED lights. Who else but yours truly would remove these from the packaging and risk arrest by the security guards? I do it for your readership, of course.

The lights come two in a package and are magnetized so you can easily use them hands free. I’m thinking that if you have a metal plate in your head you could just use this instead of the strap on kind of LED light. How convenient is that?

Each light has an on/off switch on the case. They are sold under the “Bell” brand and are powered by 4 “AA” batteries. They are sold as truck bed lights, but they have bountiful potential applications for the RV lifestyle.

Bell has many other products, most related to 12-volt power, at its website. Many of them would come in handy for RVers. Amazon has a huge assortment of magnetic LED lights.


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