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Light your campfire in any conditions with Instafire


Instafire Fire Starter Pouches

By Bob Difley

If you enjoy leaning into a smoky campfire, blowing into the fire to encourage it to start — and to keep it going — you need not read this. But if you would like to throw a little powdery material into a pile, light a match to it, and see it burn despite the wind (and not have to inhale the wood smoke blowing on it), you will thoroughly enjoy Instafire Fire Starter Pouches or bulk packages.

Instafire will light and continue to burn until your fire is lit regardless of conditions — wind, snow, rain — so you can sit back and enjoy it. Instafire pouches are handy for backpacking or as emergency fire starters, and the bulk container will light a season’s worth of campfires with ease. Instafire can be used also in home fireplaces and as a starter for charcoal in barbecues.  


  • Versatile and easy-to-use packs of fire starter for wherever you need a light: campsites, fireplaces, outdoor fire pits, RV parks
  • Works on wet wood and burns in all types of weather, including 30-mile-per-hour winds, rain and snow
  • Made from recycled wood, volcanic rock and a patented blend of food-grade paraffin wax — no harmful chemicals or vapors
  • Safe-to-store, nonvolatile formula with shelf life of 30 years and no risk of flare-ups, explosions, or flammable-storage concerns
  • Leftover ash is an environmentally friendly fertilizer that nourishes the earth

You can find Instafire Pouches and containers on Amazon.

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