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Sheridan Ball
3 years ago

Regarding RV site resources, I highly recommend RVParky to your attention. It’s my favorite app to look for places enroute. My wife then cross-checks possible choices on That process nearly always yields a favorable result.

3 years ago

I like your web mailings . I would like to change E mail address
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3 years ago

Mark Polk needs to read Mike Sokols excellent series on installing a hot skin condition… No one has tried to steal my bike since i energized it to 120V… 😉
3 years ago

The response from the Arizona BLM regarding grey water still leaves the subject, well, a little grey 🙂

Being a boondockers always use caution and ask questions whenever possible.

Bernie Turner
3 years ago

To list of places to stay, I would like to add

Wayne Girard
3 years ago

I clicked on the link in today’s newsletter about the 50 worst tourist traps. Literally shocked and angry that two of the “traps” were the Alamo and the Liberty Bell. The descriptions by the two women who wrote the article were childish and insulting. The Liberty Bell was not big enough for them, etc…!!!! This is what happens when we stop teaching American History in school.

3 years ago
Reply to  RV Staff

And that is how to run a business. Kudos to you and whomever hired you.

Larry Filippelli
3 years ago

I appreciate the article on campsite search resources. I wish I had checked out one state park more thoroughly before reserving a site and venturing in for a one-night stay. The Chickasaw State Park in Tennessee was an inappropriate choice in my opinion. When we arrived, we discovered there was no attendant and the campground host was absent. Driving through the campground was a major stressor given the narrow road, sharp curves, steep hills and close in trees. The road was in bad shape an the campsite pads were worse. Our site was not level so we had to settle for “best case” leveling. The sites had not been cleaned of debris in a long time and there were deep gullies and washes along site the pads. Picnic tables were filthy. I think this park would be fine for short RVs and trailers, but not good for anything over 26 feet.

Ray Zimmermann
3 years ago

It won’t apply to everyone, but for those who are retired military, the U.S Military Campgrounds and RV Parks website ( is a great source of information, including user reviews.

3 years ago

Two more great resources for finding campgrounds and boondocking sites are Campendium and Ultimate Campgrounds, both free.

Greg Illes
3 years ago

Chuck, for campground planning:

NOT to be confused with “ultimate rv camping” — is my #1 go-to guide for dry-camp and/or boondock sites. It’s a truly comprehensive collection, and the user interface is extremely intuitive and useful. This site covers EVERYTHING from USFS to BLM dispersed sites, CCC camps, city parks, you name it. There’s a mobile app too, but it does need a cell connection (doesn’t work offline).

No fee required unless you want to download the database, and then it’s only a few bucks.
It’s not as good for RV parks, but that’s not its specialty.

3 years ago

I am a full-timer and have travelled extensively across the US this year. I used to buy diesel at Flying J/Pilot but have noticed that their prices are anywhere from 10-40 cents more per gallon than the smaller stations. Petro, TA and Loves are the same. I no longer buy from them.

Michael R Palmer
3 years ago
Reply to  Mark

There are trade-offs in everything. Most smaller fuel stations can not handle 34′ travel trailers or motorhomes towing another car – the fuel lanes are not big enough.
At lease Pilot/Flying J have semi lanes for diesel and if you’re lucky, separate lanes for RV’s.
And, if you think of the discounts from Good Sam and Pilot Credit Cards, it brings the prices down to ALMOST reasonable. LOL

Jimmy Crumpler
3 years ago

I carry a extra fuel tank, so I don’t have to stop at gas stations

3 years ago
Reply to  Mark

I agree, discount off HIGH PRICE is still higher than FJ,PETCO,TA……..
Try using and click on “independent” truck stops along your travel route.

Richard Brandt
3 years ago

A half million new RV’s may be sold each year BUT how any of them really go on the road and how many old RV’s are put to pasture? There still may be hope for us to find a site.

3 years ago
Reply to  Richard Brandt

Last week, on a Thursday went to Hot Springs National Park. with no reservations. No problem getting one of the 44 sites. By Friday night there were still at least 6 sites available. Then the following Sunday, arrived at the 49 site s of Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park near Memphis with no reservations. The campground maybe had 6 occupied sites.

Ken Hamill
3 years ago

Good morning Chuck. Thought you might want to know that Big Rigs Best Bets is still alive and well….working on the eighteenth edition which releases in December. Still spiral bound and approximately 500 pages. Forty nine states and eight Canadian provinces. Online version as well.

Best regards…..Ken and Ellie

Leo Suarez
3 years ago

I am currently trying to figure out why the tail lights and turn signal lights in my tow vehicle have stopped working, when connected to my Class A Motorhome. I have checked for the obvious, loose wires, blown fuses, bad cable between my Class A and tow vehicle connection, but still no success. I have tried Google and You Tube and have quickly realized there is no good explanation that I can find on how to debug an electrical problem. between tow vehicle and Motorhome as I have described. Perhaps this could be a good article for one of your experts to discuss and guide us through a debug process.

Scott Allatt
3 years ago
Reply to  Leo Suarez

I would check the wiring harness connectors (the metal parts). Chances are a clean up of these connections will put you back in business. Overtime they have a tendency to corrode. Once cleaned and circuit functioning apply some dielectric grease to the metal parts

Frank A Busalacchi
3 years ago
Reply to  Leo Suarez

Leo, I had the same problem. Take apart the plug recepticle on your tow vehicle and check for rusted wires . They won’t receive any juice from your motorhome. If they are rusted, then strip the wires back to new wire and reinsert them IN THE ORDER removed. I recommend doing one wire at a time. Then coat the wires with electrical wire goop ( protects them from moisture). Let me know if it clears up your problem.

Leo Suarez
3 years ago

Thanks for the tip. While the problem did not turn out to be like yours at least you pointed me in the right direction. My issue turned out to be pinched female receptors in the male cable socket on my tow vehicle. Apparently after one too many in and outs a few of the female receptors pinched together and did not allow the male receptor from the cable between the motorhome and tow vehicle to establish a connection, The fix was to take a flat head screwdriver and wedge it into the receptor pin on the tow vehicle socket to open them up a bit, and everything worked again.

Jesse Younce
3 years ago

Editors Corner Issue 802 RV Parks
I noticed you did not include Good Sam Club,
which does have nearly 2 million members.
Was this article a paid advertisement for the companies listed?

Jean Biggs
3 years ago
Reply to  Jesse Younce

Look carefully…the picture of the Rv Travel and Saving Guide is written by Good Sam Club.

Chuck Laubach
3 years ago
Reply to  Jean Biggs

“Was this article a paid advertisement for the companies listed?” Looks like someone works for Good Sam Club. Now they have egg on their face.

A prudent person does a little research before making such accusations.

Chuck Woodbuury
3 years ago
Reply to  Chuck Laubach

Not a paid advertisement for anyone.