Monday, August 15, 2022


World’s lightest homebuilt trailer easily towed by a Prius!

Check this out! This is the world’s lightest homemade hard-topped trailer. At only 450 lbs, this cute little trailer can be towed by a Prius! Amazing!

The family built this trailer with a Prius in mind, saying, “The idea came from a Prius turned backwards… So that’s where the design came from.”

The trailer’s hard shell is made from Coroplast, a honeycomb-like material, and fiberglass cloth. The trailer took several months to build and has a small kitchen area, a portable toilet and a queen-sized bed. The trailer is also equipped with a solar fan, to keep the inside air flowing.

Click to watch the video below. Would you take this camping?



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1 year ago

Green New Deal. First RV with weight a consideration. Great for short trips.
A developed molded model could sell.

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