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Meet your fellow RVtravel.com readers, October 17, 2020

We asked RVtravel.com readers to tell us about themselves. Here are a few responses.

Hi from Nancy & Einar Hansen. Nancy and I live in Quincy, MA, and we have been camping ever since before we were married 24 years ago. I have been camping ever since the age of 4 and have done many types of camping along the way, from backpacking to now RVing. And I have even spent almost a year camping in a Volkswagen camper in 21 countries when I was only eight years old in 1968 with my parents and sister.
We love camping with our two large dogs – Miles, our retired Greyhound, and our Labrador mix, Angus. Both are rescues and part of our family. We spend most of our summer at our seasonal campsite, but we do spend a week to 10 days in Boothbay, Maine, camping. Unfortunately, not this year! We enjoy meeting new people when camping while walking the dogs most of the time. I am a retired chef and enjoy cooking outdoors with some of the great views from some of the places we have camped at. I look forward to reading more about some of you out there!

From Allen Ritcey. I’m a retired Aerospace Engineer as of May 2017. After selling my home and doing a bit of traveling, I moved into a condo a few blocks from the beach in Florida. After 6 months of that, I found waiting for something to happen of interest then realized this isn’t going to work. I bought a new teardrop TT, got rid of most everything by way of Goodwill and local dump when I became aware of how much useless stuff I have been lugging around for years. So now I am a full-time RVer and a minimalist going on 2 years. Best decision I could have made. Enjoying the road less traveled and visiting old friends and relatives. I’ll be signing up for year 3 here shortly.

From Jack, Juanita and Levi Walbring. My wife and I bought a 2017 Salem 195BH in November of 2016 and found that it was just too small as we almost always have some of our grandkids with us. In 2018, we traded it in for a used 2017 Salem 27RLSS and have really enjoyed going camping in it. I am now retired at 67 while the wife still works for the school district. She loves being around all the kids.
When this Covid crap hit earlier this year we started going camping to get away from being locked up in our apartment. We usually have been going every other weekend with a couple of trips for up to 5 days. Our daughter is getting married in early October so for a wedding present, we bought them a used pop-up in very good condition before the prices went out of sight. They also love to go with us and the Camping Shenanigans group that we go with a lot. They are a fun group that we got to know several years ago while we were all involved in dirt racing. We would love to go full time in the future if the finances allow us to do it.

Brandon and Sherry, we are from KY. I have been a camper all my life. I remember tent camping in the GSM, then we finally upgraded to an RV. After about a year of marriage, I finally talked Sherry into letting me buy a pop-up. She was hooked. We have had 6 RVs in 21 yrs. I am a firefighter and gives us plenty of time to explore. Our favorite trip each year is Campgrounds at Fort Wilderness at Disney.

From Sandy McPhail. Hubby Kent and I have been full time for 4 years now. We had always planned to do this then 4 years ago an opportunity came to sell our business so we decided not to wait and just jumped in without ever looking back. We fish in bass tournaments so during tournament season we focus on that. For the rest of the year, we travel. We like to spend at least a month in one spot to get to know it real well.

From Bob Lambert. My father had an RV dealership, so I’ve been traveling this way since the mid 1960s. Took some time off for college and the US Army, but otherwise, travel has been a way of life. First cross-country was 1962, and seven more since, taking my children and many nieces and nephews along the way. At 70 now I’ve slowed slightly, but still making plans. I live at the beach with RV in western NC mountains, so I feel very blessed.

From Cal and Vivian Wing. When we were married in ‘98 I was an RVer turned backpacker. My new bride was born with balance issues so hanging 35-40 pounds on her back and hiking uneven trails wasn’t ever a consideration. She “loved” to camp in a tent, as long as it wasn’t too hot or too cold or it didn’t rain too much – you get the picture. She had never been RVing and the closest she had been to an RV was the fifth wheel that her brother lived in at a mobile home park. So I took her to RV shows and in 2005 I bought an older 30’ travel trailer and she loved it. We bought a fifth wheel last year that we will start full-timing with in January.
Vivian will retire at the end of this year after a 46-year career in nursing. I retired after 45 years in forestry. We have 4 children, 2 in Kansas and 2 in Texas, and 7 grandchildren from 1-21. We plan on keeping our house in Wichita and coming back here when we get too old to travel.
Years ago we hung a 5’X6’ map of the US, Mexico and Canada on the wall of our home office. I marked it with a grid and the points of interest that we want to see. There’s a spot on one of the walls in the RV for that map. We’re not sure how much we’ll get done but it will be fun to find out. The picture is from an October camp last fall at Toronto State Lake. The Jack Russell terrier on my arm is Skipper. She’s been the Skipper in charge of operations in our home for 15 years, she has 2 new fur brothers that will help keep us on our toes.

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