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Check out this incredible DIY RV. It’s a “log cabin” on wheels!

By Nanci Dixon
Mike and Bobbi (Mikey and Barbi) Wemple set out to make their 30′ 2005 Coachmen Concord into a woodland retreat – and succeeded. They hail from Montana and know a thing or two about log cabins and forests. Mikey and Barbi have totally (inch by inch!) remodeled the interior of their motorhome to be their perfect vacation retreat, aptly named “Barbi’s Rig.” Intrigued by the wood door, I stopped to spend a little time chatting. They treated me to a tour of their log cabin RV.

Photo Credit Mike Wemple

Details, details … in the log cabin RV

Barbi and Mikey started the remodel when they first bought the Class C new in 2005, and they have been joyfully doing all the work themselves ever since. They decided early on to make the RV into a real log cabin on wheels. Pine cone and tree details were added to cabinet doors. Rope and antlers are used as handles. They even used buffalo nickel tacks in the corners. A non-firing replica Winchester is permanently mounted above the dinette.

The faux stone, log and pebble wallpaper give the RV that log cabin feel, while the pine cone cushions give it the finishing touch.

Old West charm is even in the window valances with fringed leather draped creatively over rods. In addition, the bathroom sink went from standard to extraordinary with the addition of a hammered copper bowl. They removed the carpeting and replaced it with vinyl wood planking. In other words, they overlooked no detail in their log cabin RV. Even the handrail is a well-polished rustic log.

Photo Credit Mike Wemple

Everywhere is a feast of log cabin detailing in this RV

The majority of their remodel is complete, but they continue to add details. For example, most recently Barbi and Mikey made the beautiful wood dinette table, bathroom and kitchen counters. They crafted them from hickory with insets of real turquoise and copper nuggets. They’re gorgeous!

Photo Credit Mike Wemple

They have also done a fair amount of motorhome mechanical upgrades too: removing the heavy house batteries and installing a lithium battery system, 200-watt solar panels, inverter, KONI shocks, Roadmaster steering stabilizer, 5 Star Tuning engine transmission upgrade and K&N® intake system.

They added numerous upgrades to the motorhome including flat-screen TVs, electric heated floors, baseboard heat, hot water recirculation system, and a pump transfer to send gray water to the black tank.Their two traveling companions, Snowshoe Siamese cat brothers, Bill and Ted, even have their own cat scratching pole on the dinette table support!

Siamese Cats
Photo Credit Mike Wemple
Photo Credit Nanci Dixon

You can check out more of the Wemple’s remodel and travels on Mikey and Barbi’s blog.



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4 months ago

More modifications and remodeling of the log cabin motorhome! Check it out on YouTube

9 months ago

It’s definitely rustic and fun!!!
Make a great guesthouse so family and friends aren’t staying in the house

9 months ago

It’s not my “thing”, but it certainly looks like they had fun designing and building it. As an engineer, I will check out their blog for the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing upgrades. Some of those could keep me busy for my remaining years!

9 months ago

For some reason I remember seeing this conversion somewhere before.

Loved it then…love it now! Might not be for the “all white interior” crowd, but it would be for me. 🙂

9 months ago

Not anywhere near my decorating pallet however I do appreciate the time, effort, thought and execution that when into this transformation.

Personally “I” like to see builds like this that are outside what I like. It makes me a better builder for projects of my own by making me think outside the “Box”!

Last edited 9 months ago by bull
Clu Carradine
2 years ago

I LOVE this! What creativity! Well done 🙂

Michael L Wemple
2 years ago

Its actually lighter than it was in the stock configuration. I checked. Its under the max rated weight.

DL Jenson
2 years ago

Love it! What a fun idea!

2 years ago

Some people are talking about the weight that this must have added to this camper but if you realize it’s mostly wallpaper, you wouldn’t have that concern. Personally I think it’s beautiful and I’d really like to do one myself but age and time have finally caught up with this camper so I guess this will be just a dream.

Dirk McGerkin
2 years ago

Sorry, but I think that’s ugly as all get out. Can’t imagine how much excess weight that caused as well. Should burn real good in a mishap.

2 years ago
Reply to  Dirk McGerkin

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
I love it, what craftsmanship, and vision, would love to see your house without wheels. Would I like my motor home to be similar, I don’t have enough time in my short life and as a child my bedroom was done completely in knotty pine, remember that wood, a little went a long way for me. I wish I had your artistic skills, I am an engineer, you know the type, pretty boring guy, beautiful job and I am sure you considered the weight when doing the changes.

Ellen L
2 years ago
Reply to  Dirk McGerkin

It’s wallpaper, not real wood and rocks. I think the wood table and countertops would be the same weight as a solid surface countertop. It gives them the atmosphere they want and that’s the whole idea.

Glen Cowgill
2 years ago

What a vision and skills to execute such a beautiful home on wheels. That is worth two Wows and Wow.

Ed D.
2 years ago

That is absolutely “AWESOME”! Great job Barbi and Mikey!

Mike Albert
2 years ago
Reply to  Ed D.


2 years ago
Reply to  Mike Albert

Ditto (again) I wonder if it has a “woody” aroma inside.

2 years ago
Reply to  Ed D.

The ditto’s have it!
I like it.

Ed D.
2 years ago
Reply to  Gayle

LOL I do too.

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