Maintain a safe onboard RV water supply


By Bob Difley


Spend a lot of time on the road? Travel in sometimes “questionable” locations?

Here are some measures that have kept my family free of typhoid, diarrhea, pathogenic microorganisms, intestinal parasites, etc. As explorer Owen Lattimore noted while traversing the Silk Road in camel caravans, “Water alone, unboiled, is never drunk. There is a superstition that it causes blisters on the feet.”

  • Fill your water tank only from water supplies that are confirmed potable sources, such as municipal, campground and tested well water sources.
  • Every six months sanitize your tank by pouring in one-fourth cup of bleach for every 15 gallons of water in a full tank. Let stand overnight. Drain, fill, and rinse at least twice, or until chlorine odor is gone. Better yet, fill with water and bleach when leaving the campground and let it slosh around in the tank as you head home.
  • Keep the ends of your water hose out of the dirt and off the ground when filling your tank.
    Attach the ends of the hose together after voiding it of all remaining water and store in a plastic or cloth bag.
  • When possible, use your own water hose to fill your tank. You don’t know how previous RVers have handled the supplied hose.
  • Do not fill your water tank from the water supplied at a dump station for rinsing down unless you are sure it is a safe water supply and you use your own hose.
  • Wash your hands after using a dump station before using the water hose to fill your fresh water tank.
  • Filter the water coming out of your kitchen faucet either with an under-sink inline filter (such as an Everpure), attach a water filter (e.g., Brita) to your kitchen faucet, or keep a Brita-type pitcher of water with built-in filter in your fridge. These filters will also remove grit and bad tastes like you get from some desert water supplies.

If you use the pitcher, remember to use the filtered water for washing veggies, making coffee, tea, cold drinks or ice cubes, and if you’re slightly nervous about your current water tank supply, for brushing teeth as well.

Bob Difley is the author of the Kindle book 111 Ways To Get The Biggest Bang From Your RV Lifestyle Buck.

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