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Making potable water portable with Dometic jugs

While we talk a lot about RVs here on, they’re not the only things on our minds. In fact, I love finding creative new ways people are doing things and Dometic, it seems, has the same idea. As such, the Swedish company has Owen Mesdag as a team member. He already has a laundry list of products to his credit. So when he decided to tackle portable water storage, he wasn’t just messing around. 

I got a chance to put my hands on a new Dometic product specifically designed for water storage. If you haven’t been following this, plastic water bottles and transporting them commercially is a much bigger burden on the environment than many people assume. 

One of the solutions many overlanders seek out is a Jerry can. It just makes sense—you strap five gallons of water on the back of your Jeep or whatever and you have plenty of drinking water. Until you spill it all over the ground trying to get at it. 

I’ve seen a lot of van lifers and other self-builders using something like Jerry cans under the sink of their RVs and then working to figure out a system of delivering that water. 

Dometic has a new water jug and water delivery system that I think is really neat. 

Let’s talk jugs

I think we all know what a Jerry can looks like and, because it’s such a ubiquitous thing, many overlanders have a provision to hold one or more of them on the back of their vehicles. The new Dometic GO Hydration Water Jug is sized such that two of these jugs can fit into the space of a Jerry can. 

Nice thinking. 

Getting that water is well thought out as there’s a lid included with them that has an integrated spigot. The design of the jug is such that it allows air in while the water’s being drained out, let’s say into a portable water bottle you’d take hiking with you. 

If you have two of these, which fit into the space of a Jerry can, the height is such that you can stack them and then put a water bottle underneath the top one and fill it. Easy. No spilling. 

Further, by splitting the load into smaller containers, they’re very easy to transport to refill at one of those water bottle filling stations or, heck, right out of the tap. It’s okay to drink that water, trust me. 

Or, do as we do and fill it from a portable water filtration jug. We unscrew the lid and fill the Dometic container with ice and then pour in the water. It’s pretty delightful.  

The jugs are well insulated, and we found another use for them. We keep the jug in the back seat of our truck while we travel and then use another Dometic product, a power spigot, to fill our own water bottles in the front.  

Portable water faucet

Another product that is designed to work with the water jug is the Dometic GO Hydration Water Faucet. This little faucet features a magnet on the bottom and has an included hose to reach the jug. 

You could easily put the power spigot on a sink on a van or cargo trailer build and put the jug under the sink. You can also stack two of the jugs and use one to feed the other. Now you have five gallons of water in an insulated container. But you can go fill one while the other one is there to serve the people in the camper. 

The power faucet features a rechargeable battery that operates the water pump in it. There’s a button on top to turn it on and off and, when it’s running, there’s a light below the spigot. Nice for at night. 

We had a gathering at our trailer last week and put the power spigot on a metal table, which worked well because of the magnet, and then the jug under the trailer. Now we had cold water for anyone who wanted it. 

That’s in tents 

I can also see this being perfect for when we truly go off the grid and camp in our vintage trailer, which presently doesn’t have a working water system. 

It would also do well for tent or true off-grid campers. I could see mounting one of the plates that come with it to a portable kitchen. The two little plates that are included with the faucet allow its magnet to stick to surfaces. 

Who is this for? 

I can see tent campers, van dwellers or just people who want to use fewer water bottles being served well by this. The materials and fixtures on it all have a quality feel to them. This isn’t a cheap solution but, considering how many water bottles you could potentially never have to buy, you could end up saving quite a bit. 

Of course, if you’re a bit silly, this could also be used for margarita mix or some sort of distilled spirits, though I don’t know how easy it would be to clean out the spigot mechanism. 

I do have that battery-powered blender and a 12-volt cooler in which I can make ice. So, technically, I might be one of the more popular people at the tailgate portion of a Jimmy Buffett concert. 



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Steve H
1 month ago

“The booze in the blender”, Parrothead? 2.5 GALLONS of margaritas should be enough for a major part of the crowd at a FROG rally!

$170 seems like a pretty reasonable price for an 11L water supply system for a van, pickup shell, or tent camper. And, if you could actually convince people who only drink bottled water to switch, it really would be an environmentally friendly product. But I think I’ll just keep using my 6-gallon WaterTainer with spigot ($20 at Walmart) filled with tap water from my filtered fresh water hose!

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