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“The Last Resort” and more memorable, funny and unusual business names

As a kid growing up in rural Iowa, I always got a kick out of the nearby town’s small motel. It was cleverly named “Dew Drop Inn.” Even though the small motel units didn’t look like much, the business’s name intrigued me. I wondered what it might be like to “drop in.” The name was catchy and welcoming. It was unusual and memorable because I easily recall it, still today!

In our RV travels back and forth across the country, we’ve come across many unique, memorable and unusual business names. Perhaps you’ve seen some, too. I have to admit that many times just the quirky name has caused us to pull over or pull in for a closer look, a great meal, or even an overnight stay.

Funny campground names

First up is a delightful campground named, “The Last Resort.” My husband and I still enjoy telling other campers that after looking everywhere, we decided to stay at The Last Resort. The campground is located near Warsaw, Missouri, and is a real gem.

“Grandma’s Grove” is another campground featuring a memorable though, to me, confusing name. Does the name mean the campground is exclusively for seniors? Or does the name “Grandma” refer to the place where hordes of children love to stay? We’ve only driven by, so I’m still not sure! (This campground is located near LaBelle, FL.)

Photo from Google Photos by Mike

Over the years, we traveled many, many miles with our three children. After one such exhausting trek, my husband and I thought of a good campground name: “RV There Yet?” If you’ve traveled with children, you understand.

More unusual business names

When we’re home we like to eat at “Nachomama’s” in St. Louis. And yes, the name brought us in. This franchise restaurant has select stores throughout the U.S. They serve great Mexican food, along with yummy adult beverages, befitting the name.

“Strange Donuts.” How’s that for a memorable and unusual business name? Who wouldn’t stop by for a taste test? This favorite local Maplewood, MO, donut shop features all kinds of unique donuts, like Maple Bacon and so many more. (Good news! They’ve opened additional stores in the area!)

Near our current campground is a car wash named “Splash and Dash.” Nearby is the drive-through liquor store. It’s called, “Git and Split.” Perhaps one rhyme-inspired businessperson owns both? Who knows? I just like the names!

How about you? What memorable and unusual business names have you seen? Or invented? Share your ideas in the comments below.



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1 month ago

When planning for our trip to the Pacific Northwest, we discovered an RV campground, winery, 9-hole golf course in Idaho. A perfect combination for us! It’s called “Y Knot.” Beautiful campground right next to the golf course and across the road from the winery, restaurant. Going back again this year.

Pat Abbgy
4 months ago

We love the name ” Inconvience Store ” in Neihart, MT. We love going there every time we are in Montana.

1 year ago

Saw a Chinese restaurant in Ireland. The name? Soon Fat!

Jane ‘n Les
1 year ago

In Orange, VA there is a convenience store named “Gas ‘n Stuff”, and way back in the 1970’s I remember a store by the side of the road in Orange (VA) called, “Animals and Appetizers”. I heard it was a pet shop, but don’t know a thing about the appetizers!

1 year ago

On a business trip, I was to meet with the mayor of a small town in SC. He said we could meet at his diner: The Chat ‘n Chew.

1 year ago

There is the “Sir Cramalot” storage place in Rochester WA.

1 year ago

There’s a Harvest Host location in Maine,”Packrat Phyls”. Kinda like a flea market gone crazy.
Phyl is actually a wonderful lady and we plan to visit again soon.

1 year ago

Quicker Liquor a drive thru liquor store

Gary Stone
1 year ago

Then there’s the Lost Resort, Lake Ozette, WA

1 year ago

In London Ontario there is a gutter cleaning company called, Men In Kilts.

1 year ago
Reply to  Don

When I had the gutters replaced on our house I hired “Gutter Done!”

1 year ago

You might think “Who Song and Larry’s” was an Asian restaurant. Nope Mexican. Vancouver WA.
“Who’s Dunes” is an establishment in Pahrump NV.

David Hagen
1 year ago

I went to an RV park in New Mexico a few years ago where the address was (xxxx) Rotten Road. And the road to the RV park was really bad.

Ron Miller
1 year ago

Ok, I was looking for propane one day and called Passmore Gas. I commented to the person on the phone how appropriate the name was and she sounded irate because that was their real name.

1 year ago

As we travel the country, we see a lot of small-town bars named “The Office”.

1 year ago
Reply to  Debbie

Bar in Deere Creek, IL is “The Library”

R Wray
1 year ago

There is/ or was a restaurant in a small Iowa town called “I Don’t Care” for those of us who could not make up our minds.

Robert Lea
1 year ago

Entering a rundown town out west:
“John’s Tax Service &
Screen Door Repair.”
Well, it is difficult to keep body and soul together in a rural berg.
Fortunately, I had no need for either service.

1 year ago

A number of hair salons around San Antonio, Tx are called “Curl up and dye”. A pretty catchy name I thought.

1 year ago

Then there is the “Ho-Hum RV Park’ in Carrabelle FL and the “Ho-Hum Motel” in West Yellowstone MT. Funny part is I have stayed at both of them.

1 year ago

Helsinki, Finland has a restaurant called “The Wrong Asian Kitchen”.

1 year ago

When we started our business of wholesaling fishing tackle my wife would not allow me to name it Master Baiters.

Jane ‘n Les
1 year ago
Reply to  Impavid

There was one named that for a few years in Orange, VA

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