Thursday, December 8, 2022


Plan to RV this Memorial Day weekend?



By Chuck Woodbury

Camping in the Southern California desert

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association sent out a news release Wednesday that said a survey shows that nearly 14.4 million people in 5.8 million RVs will be on the road this Memorial Day weekend, heading into the country’s 18,000-plus campgrounds.

Let’s do our own survey. Will you be in your RV all or part of this Memorial Day weekend?



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5 years ago

I avoid traveling during major holidays. Roads, parks, and campgrounds are just too packed anymore. I would like to hear how others deal with rv’ing during major holidays.

5 years ago

We will be sleeping in our trailer tonight and tomorrow night. We will be hanging out in our ’94 Mallard, doing some little projects as we continue to get her ready for traveling after I retire in August.

Danny Wells
5 years ago

Not this year but we do have reservations in a campground May 30.
we’ll be there for at least 2 months.

Terry Dickson
5 years ago

Not in the RV this year at Memorial Day, however will start my full-timing life the 1st day of June. See ya all out there.
Boondocking is the way I want and plan to live.

5 years ago

I’m ALWAYS in my RV because I’m a full-timer, but I won’t be on the road as I’m parked for the month of May in a campground.

Jimmy Crumpler
5 years ago

We are on our trip to Alaska, as a matter of we will be in Alaska this Memorial Day

Tom T
5 years ago

We agree with Mike. Way to crowded on holidays. A lot of twice a year campers with a pup tent and a 12 pack.

5 years ago

Headed out for a few days on Tuesday. Weather will be better and no crowds..

Dave W
5 years ago

As Warren said, we are fulltimers, we always are in our RVs

Warren Trost
5 years ago

We will as we full time in it.

Chuck D L
5 years ago

Going to Washington state samboree in Moses Lake the next weekend

5 years ago

Sitting in a smaller, less known campground in Door County Wisconsin. Beautiful weather to start this years camping season. Kevin

5 years ago

I was out in my rig the week before…I don’t go camping on major holidays way too packed for me.