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Try this Oregon Coast nesty forest service campground


Here’s a question from a reader of RVtravel.com about boondocking. 

Hi Bob,
We will be traveling down the coast of Oregon this summer and though I know that lots of RVers want to have an ocean view, I thought there might be some interesting campgrounds/boondocking places along the route that don’t have an ocean view but are equally interesting. Can you recommend one?  —Kathy and Phil

Hello Kathy and Phil,
I sure can, and it is the no-hookup Sutton Forest Service campground. I never pass this one by when taking that coastal route. It is next to Sutton Lake about three miles north of Florence (be sure to stop for famous Moe’s clam chowder along the Old Town waterfront) just off Route 101. The campsites are about as nesty as you will find anywhere, carved out of the lush vegetation, making them very private. Many of the campsites are also along Sutton Creek as well, and in the fall you can fill your huckleberry containers without leaving your campsite.

Darlingtonia californica

Just across the highway at the Darlingtonia wayside next to Sutton Lake, you will find the carnivorous Darlingtonia (Darlingtonia californica), or California pitcher plant, that looks like it should be the star of some “B” movie with a title like “The Plant That Ate Chicago.” Resembling a cobra with a mustache, the plant traps insects that wander into its “mouth,” actually a hollow area formed by the leaves.  

A short boardwalk leads through a small, boggy marsh where the Darlingtonia lurk in the shade waiting to strike (don’t worry, they’re only a half foot to two feet tall and won’t gobble up Fido). Hiking is the main activity here,  and a number of trails provide access to nearby Alder Dunes and Sutton Lake. Wild berries, vibrant rhododendrons, and picturesque sand dunes are located along the trails. Take the 1.5-mile trail from the campground through the coastal pines, transitioning to coastal dunes, for a walk on Sutton beach.  

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