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You MUST have a set of microfiber cloths in your RV. You can do SO much with them!

They aren’t a luxury anymore. No, microfiber cloths have become cleaning staples in many RVs today. Here are some reasons why you should consider adding them to your arsenal of cleaning supplies.

Advantages of using microfiber cloths

  • Versatility. Forget paper towels. Almost anything a paper towel can do, a microfiber cloth can do better. Plus, there won’t be any lint or streaks left behind like when you use paper towels.
  • Cost savings. While you may spend a bit more up front, in the long run, these cloths will save you money. That’s because the cloths can be laundered and reused countless times. In addition, the microfiber cloths clean effectively with simple water, and no additional cleaning agent.
  • Gentle. These soft cloths will not scratch delicate surfaces, like glass or plexiglass, stained or painted surfaces, stone or man-made countertops, and more.
  • Environmentally friendly. You’ll reduce waste (paper towels, disposable rags, cleaning chemicals).
  • Removes bacteria. Many hospitals have switched to microfiber cloths and mops. Why? Because the special fabric has been proven to remove bacteria from surfaces by catching and trapping them within the fibers. The microfiber cloths work almost three times better than other cleaning cloths. Note: The cloths cannot kill germs. For that, you’ll need to add a cleaning agent.

How do they work?

Unique construction. The many individual fibers in the cloths can hold up to six times their weight in water, making them the perfect solution to most cleaning jobs.

Fiber action. The friction between the thousands of tiny individual cloth fibers generates static electricity. This acts like a magnet, attracting dirt and dust particles, leaving no residue behind.

Caring for microfiber cloths

It’s best to rinse the cloths after each use and hang them to dry. You can launder soiled cloths with regular detergent in your washing machine, but don’t use bleach or fabric softeners. Bleach will shorten the life of the fabric and fabric softeners will decrease the cloth’s rate of absorbency. You can dry the cloths in the clothes dryer, but always use the lowest heat or air-dry settings.

Note: Because the microfiber cloths attract lint, I prefer to launder the cloths in a separate load from other fabrics.

Where to purchase them

Because of their popularity, you can buy them almost anywhere. Check the cleaning aisle of your favorite market, Sam’s Club or Costco stores, the auto department in Walmart or Target, and even some dollar-type stores.

You can also purchase them online, where they come in a variety of softness. A waffle weave towel will work best for tougher scrubbing jobs, while a softer, thinner, suede-type cloth works best for eyeglasses. Microfiber cloth mitts can be handy for dusting because they fit directly on your hand.

I use these for general household cleaning. I designate one color for cleaning the RV’s bathroom and a different color for the kitchen, dusting, and vehicle cleaning.

Tips for using them in the RV

Many times, a microfiber cloth will clean effectively without the addition of cleaning agents. Simple water and a quick wipe down will usually produce a sparkling shine. However, for dirtier surfaces you can use your favorite cleaner. Just use a bit less because the microfiber cloth is very efficient.

  • On wood surfaces. Wipe down RV cupboards, furniture, and floor baseboards with them. They’ll pick up dust quickly and leave behind no lint.
  • On glass surfaces. Use the cloths to clean windows, glass screens (TV, laptop monitor, microwave, mirrors, shower glass, stovetop, and more) for a streak-free shine. Hint: Ultra-fine cloths work best for eyeglasses.
  • On solid surfaces. They will not scratch countertops like stone or man-made products. Rinse the cloth in hot water and quickly clean bath vanity tops and kitchen countertops. The same goes for bath and kitchen faucet fixtures.
  • Painted surfaces. Use a microfiber cloth to clean scuff marks off painted surfaces. Apply a bit of baking soda to a dampened microfiber cloth and gently rub away the marks. (Test first on a hidden spot.)
  • Leather. A dry cloth will remove dust and lint. You can also put a bit of leather cleaner on your cloth and condition the leather by gentle buffing. The same method applies for leather purses or wallets. (Test first.)
  • Appliances. A microfiber cloth will remove fingerprints from appliances, as well as smudge marks, dirt, or grime. You can use a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth to shine.
  • Makeup. Yes, you can use a dedicated cloth to remove makeup. The dampened cloth is gentle on skin and does a great job, too!
  • Vehicles. Take a look at your vehicle’s dashboard. Dusty, is it? A quick swipe will eliminate the dust. Dampen the cloth first for best results.
  • Light fixtures. Remove dust from your RV’s light fixtures with a microfiber cloth.
  • Fan blades. Dirt and grime on fan blades can’t stand up against a microfiber cloth. Add a bit of Dawn dish soap for extra greasy surfaces. Rinse and dry with a clean microfiber cloth.
  • Floor registers/vents. Yep, the cloths dust away dirt and pollen, making your RV air cleaner and safer to breathe.
  • Earbuds. Dip a corner of the cloth into hot sudsy water. Wring dry and use to wipe down soiled earbuds. Then use a dry part of the cloth to dry the buds.
  • Window screens. The many, many fibers of a microfiber cloth make cleaning your RV window screens a snap. Just wipe a dry cloth over the screen and you’re done.
  • Remote controls. Just swipe one of the cloths over your TV remote or your computer keyboard to remove crumbs, dust, and other debris.
  • Camera lenses. A gentle swipe with an ultra-fine microfiber cloth will leave your lens picture perfect.
  • Floors. With the right size, you can attach a microfiber cloth to your Swiffer duster. It works great on floors to pick up sand, dirt, and other messes!

Using microfiber cloths for absorption

  • Pet spills. The super absorbency capabilities of a microfiber cloth make quick clean-up around the dog’s messy water bowl.
  • Defrosting the RV’s freezer. Sop up all that water. It works much better than a regular towel or paper towels because it absorbs liquids so much better.
  • Drying dishes. I use a bigger-size microfiber towel to dry dishes. It works like a charm!
  • Clothes washer and dryer. A microfiber cloth will absorb any leftover water in the washing machine.  I like to wipe down the gaskets in both the washer and dryer. The cloth removes excess moisture as well as lint.
  • After shower wipe-down. We use a microfiber towel to remove water from the shower walls and shower glass after we shower. Afterwards, we put the towel outside to air dry, eliminating excess humidity in our RV.

But wait! There’s more!

I’m sure there are many, many other ways to use microfiber cloths in and around your RV. Share some of your RV tips and tricks with us in the comments below or whisk on over to my forum. Let’s keep this cleaning conversation going!


Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh is an avid RVer and occasional work camper. Retired from 30+ years in the field of education as an author and educator, she now enjoys sharing tips and tricks that make RVing easier and more enjoyable.


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1 year ago

After these towels lose their usefulness, how does one dispose of them? My wife says they are non- biodegradable and shouldn’t be thrown in trash to go to a landfill.

Tommy Molnar
1 year ago

WE got a bunch of them when Harbor Freight was giving them away.

Bill Richardson
1 year ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

So did we. One of the best freebies they gave away.

1 year ago

The more I use microfiber clothes, the more I use them. **VERY IMPORTANT HINT** Do NOT dry with terrycloth towels!! That great ability to pick up dust and grime is diminished if it gets clogged up with lint from terrycloth and other such fabrics. Dry alone! They dry super fast. I now have microfiber tea towels for the RV kitchen, bath towels and ‘rags’. Because they dry quickly they stay fresh smelling longer, not musty. I clean most things with just water. Clean windows quick and streak free with just water, use 2 clothes of different “grit’, use the ‘finer’ cloth to finish with. Buy a good quality cloth, Costco’s are great, I’ve gotten over the neon yellow because I love them so much, but do wish they would come out with other colors.

1 year ago

They use to be called Handi-wipes 50-60 years ago.

Mitzi Agnew Giles and Ed Giles
1 year ago
Reply to  JAMES

I still have Handiwipes, they are a bit more of a paper towely texture since the 1980s.

Bob p
1 year ago

I never imagined the uses of these towels, thanks.

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