Monday, June 5, 2023


How many finger rings do you most often wear?

Wow, we never knew there was such a thing as ring etiquette, but according to this article from, there is! According to them (although, we’re not saying they’re the most credible…), there’s no such thing as “too many rings.” However, at the risk of over-accessorizing, three is a good number to stick with as a maximum.

How many rings do you wear on your fingers? Do you still do the maximum three rule or do you go beyond that? Tell us in today’s poll.


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1 year ago

I tie up my hair and take off all jewelry except my watch while performing maintenance, set-up, and take down. Why? It goes back to my junior high school Industrial Arts class with Mr. White. You never want to get something like a ring or your hair caught in a machine. Having boated for 20 years, both sail and power, I did the routine. Remember safety third.

1 year ago

My wedding band and once in a blue moon my air force ring.

Joe & Helen
1 year ago

1-My wedding ring from 67+ years ago, (had to camouflage it in boot camp exercises, get Doctors to write “OK to leave ring on” during several surgeries).

2-Recently added a ring expander band so wedding ring does not fall off as my fingers have shrunk with age.

3-Father’s ring with the birthstones of our 8 children

The Lazy Q
1 year ago

Zero, since I had to cut off my wedding band years ago.

1 year ago

I wear my emerald cut diamond on a platinum band with my platinum band full of emerald cut diamonds when we go out. . . So I wear two rings. We bought matching wedding rings in Carmel 23 years ago. Back when California and the world was not a scientist fiction movie.

1 year ago

I said 4, but they’re in pairs and only on two fingers.

1 year ago

Wore watches and rings until started working with machinery. My contemporaries, some having lost fingers and suffered electrical burns due to jewelry, advised against wearing such. Surprisingly, I heeded their advice until I retired. Daily, I still only wear a watch.

Neal Davis
1 year ago

My wedding ring is all I wear. I have two other rings with emotional significance, each belonged to a dead relative, but they do not easily fit any of my fingers and I do not wish to lose either. So, they both reside in a jewelry box in our sticks-and-bricks and welcome us home after each RV trip.

Gene Bjerke
1 year ago

I don’t wear jewelry of any kind.

Jeff Craig
1 year ago

Used to wear my wedding ring, until I had to get it cut off in an incident in Iraq. Since then I usually don’t. I have bought several silicone bands, which have kept me from damaging my hand when I was working in tight equipment, but almost always leave it off.

John T
1 year ago

Soon after I was married I became a machinist. The old timers in the shop warned me about rings and other jewelry getting caught in the spinning lathes, mills, etc. I took off my wedding ring and put it on my key chain where has remained for fifty years. I still have my ring, all my fingers and my wife. We will be celebrating our 50th later this year.

Lil John
1 year ago

Just one. I put it on 54 years ago at my wedding, and it’s been on ever since.

Linds S Gray
1 year ago


Joe Allen
1 year ago

Rule one: when working with a ring on, take it off before any work is done! Rule two: see rule one!

Bob p
1 year ago

As a former industrial mechanic I always removed my wedding ring while at work. A fellow worker had just gotten married and we warned him about wearing his ring at work but he wouldn’t listen. One day climbing down from working on a big press his foot slipped and his ring got caught on a traction tab on the ladder and he was hanging by one finger. Luckily I was stronger than I am now and was able to lift him up enough to dislodge his ring from the ladder, his finger was broken and his ring had to be cut from the finger, he never wore his ring at work again. He could’ve lost the finger to wear a ring on.

Dave Telenko
1 year ago

As a machinist all my life, I was taught in tech school never to wear rings or a tie, seems moving parts catch the tie’s! Saw a guy almost lose a finger when a long lathe chip got caught under his ring, not a pretty sight!

Gary G
1 year ago

Allergic to metal, no rings and plastic frame glasses. Jumping out the back of a stock when I was a kid, ring caught on a piece of metal structure, peeled skin past joint. Done with rings.

Tom B
1 year ago

I used to work on the flight line (was USAF) and a ring was a safety hazard. we were not allowed to wear them at all. I got so used to NOT having one, that if I try wearing it now, it feels weird. My dear wife is totally OK with it and understands.

I still have it though, along with my high school class ring, a copy of the packers Super Bowl ring, a copy of the Nationals world series ring, the season plan holder ring, and the 2018 all star game ring.

Ed K
1 year ago

The one my wife placed on my finger 52+ years ago.

1 year ago

After having a fellow worker’s finger removed by contact with a high power HF transmitter, never a ring.

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