Thursday, December 8, 2022


A Millennial applies for a job. Too funny!


How much truth is in this? My guess is it’s right on target. No, not for all Millennials but surely for some. I showed this to my 26-year-old daughter, and told her I hoped she would not be offended. She wasn’t, she said, but explained that she feared job seekers younger than her were more inclined to be like this. One thing you can say: The video is well done, and the actors are real pros.  — Chuck Woodbury

A Millennial job interview from @TheDanielBrea on Vimeo.

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4 years ago

I crept across this super-funny video earlier in the week when doing a search on millennial’s – even more ironically was the suggested video after watching it! If you like that video, you’re going to really love this one


Rose Marie Moran
4 years ago

I would hate to think that is the way most would apply for a job. I wonder, do the schools teach the ‘Art of Interviewing”.

4 years ago

Hahahahahah, oh Bob this hits home. Being a still bricks and sticks RV guy working in corporate America (for 4 more years) I have seen this trend with the younger worker. They decided they just aren’t going to come in to work and go shopping or fishing or whatever. The video is a bit over dramatized but yet not far off. What’s the world coming too? FYI I’m only 48

Mike Schwab
4 years ago

She looked up from her screen. A real millenial would never do that.

john stahl
4 years ago

Awesome! So funny. Thanks

Joe Gillmer
4 years ago

Thanks for stretching my face, I needed a good laugh.