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Mug shots! Show us your favorite mug, October 17, 2020

In a recent issue of our Saturday RV Travel newsletter, we asked you to submit a photo and short description of your favorite mug. These are some of your submissions.

We’ll update this weekly. Thank you for sending in so many wonderful submissions!

From Kelly Carman. No exciting sentimental story for this mug. It came from HomeGoods for $4. It’s about how it makes me feel. I take my camper mug, fill it with coffee, and sit on my back deck. It makes me smile when I think of our past camping trips. My babies are graduating from high school this year and they have grown up camping as a family. They are looking forward to their adventures as young adults and I am looking forward to camping adventures with just me, my husband, and my dogs – oh, and my coffee. And face it, coffee tastes better outside!

From Jean Blackwell. I have collected coffee cups from everywhere I have visited over the years but, I make custom cups now and this one was my favorite so I kept it and use it for myself 🙂

From Malcolm Belisle. Found this one in Ruidoso, NM, and it just says it all.

From Linda Hagan. We were at Cross Creek RV Park, Maggie Valley, NC, on a creekside site. This was the beginning of our travels in May 2018. Mornings were cool, at least for this Floridian, and our site private so I could lounge around in my PJs outside. I rose early so I could listen to the animal world come to life. Simple pleasures in life.

From C. Van Horne. One of those quirky things a person finds in discount stores. It just made sense to me if I wanted a “sweet life.”😉

From Jane Morgan. This is the mug that was given to us from the wonderful young couple that sold us our “home,” a Heartland Big Country 5th wheel, that we used for over a year after escaping the Camp Fire in Paradise. We had lost everything in that fire except the truck/camper that we used to escape the blaze. We bought this 5th wheel so we would have a home. It was such a wonderful home, so much a part of our recovery. These two people not only sold us the 5th wheel, but they also moved it for us to our temporary RV park location and even came back to move it again for us to a new location. They gave us this mug filled with truffles and a wish for us to have a great future in finding our new place to be in the world. It obviously has a special meaning for me to use every morning now in our new home in New Mexico. By the way, it isn’t my coffee mug; it is my tea mug. Different beverage, same meaning!

From Cheryl DeNoi. If you’re of Scandinavian descent you’ll have an immediate reaction to this! Growing up I would go to the Sons of Norway Lodges with my grandparents (both full Norwegian) and my parents for dinner & cultural events where they served Lutefisk, a dried, salted cod pickled in lye (!). You either loved it or hated it. Not to my liking but I make excellent lefse, another traditional Norwegian food. You bet your Lutefisk I’m Norwegian, Uff da!

From Beverly Aguilar. This is my favorite mug because my daughter gave it to me many years ago. It is the perfect size for my morning cup of wake up coffee.

From Mike Whitney. Mine’s a reminder of my days in the US Air Force. A civilian contractor left this mug behind when he left, and I snagged it. I’ve been drinking coffee out of it for 25 years.

From Andy & Debbie Kapusta, Jr. My brother gave this mug to us as an anniversary gift. Every time I use the mug I can’t wait to go on another camping adventure. While at home, it reminds me of the family adventures we have already taken. Our fur buddy “Riley” is also on the mug. He of course doesn’t use the mug, that I am aware of. Although, I have found it moved now and then. I wonder…hmm…


Please fill out the form below and don’t forget to upload a photo. We’re looking forward to seeing your mug!

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Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury is the editor here at She was lucky enough to grow up alongside two traveling parents, one domestically by RV (yep, Chuck Woodbury) and the other for international adventures, and has been lucky to see a great deal of our world (and counting!). She lives near Seattle with her dog and chickens. When she's not cranking out 365+ newsletters for she's hiking, cooking or, well, probably traveling.


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Larry DiBianca
2 years ago

Hey!! I recognize that last mug the kaputas, that’s my sister and brother in law, and yes we have had lots of camping adventures together as a family when our kids were growing up. Hope to have more, but wasn’t able to go this year at all do an injury. Oh well at least I won’t have to winterize this year. Anyways I read RV news letter every morning and enjoy all the articles that’s in it, and am already enjoying everyone’s favorite coffee mug. Happy Camping everyone!!!

2 years ago
Reply to  Larry DiBianca

Kapusta…. sure you know them??

Debra Rohm
2 years ago

Every one of the mugs shown is Wonderful and I LOVE the stories behind them!!!

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