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RVer musings: It’s why, not how, we go camping

I stumbled across a Facebook post a while back and took a screenshot of it. I wanted to save the post because it struck a nerve with me. See if you agree.

Why we go camping

The post was from a fellow RVer, Duane F. He must have been in a campground at the time he posted his musings. I envision him walking up and down the rows of RVs as he recorded his thoughts. I don’t know him or his situation, but I do know that I’d like to meet him and other RVers that share his unique thoughts.

Here’s what Duane wrote:

Huge fifth-wheel rig

To the folks who just showed up in the 43-foot $200,000 fifth wheel that probably costs double my stix-n-brix home, you have a beautiful RV.


To the folks who are down in the woods in a two-man tent, you guys are hardcore. Awesome setup down there.

Older Class C

To the folks who just pulled in with their 1979 C Class with more rust than panel: I can only imagine the memories you’ve made in that thing. I’ll bet that dent has a story.


To the folks that took the last site nobody else wanted, pulled in, put down the seats in their minivan, and started cooking: Your dinner smells delightful!

Summed it up perfectly

Mr. F. summarized his thoughts about his fellow campers with these words: “We all camp differently, and we may not agree on it all, but we have to remember the only thing that matters is memories are being made, and you’re getting 120% out of your time with your loved ones. You have to forget HOW you go camping and remember WHY you go camping. Enjoy every moment!

“Can I get an ‘Amen’?”



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17 days ago

I love this perspective! We all have the same goal, to enjoy being out in nature enjoying life, no matter how we get there and do it!

Troy B.
17 days ago

Agree with the summary above…
Bringing our 36’ Jayco back for warranty work, I arrived during an Entegra owners orientation. They were a warm and welcoming group and I mentioned feeling out of place next to their coaches. Not missing a beat, one of them offered “you may not have as much as some, but have more than others. Always be thankful for what you have.” Words we live by as we drive down the road…

Neal Davis
18 days ago

Thanks, Gail! That brought tears to my eyes. So well done, so thoughtful!

Bruce Pomazal
18 days ago

This reminds me of all the good times and great people we’ve met over the years of tents, popup, and trailer camping we’ve done. Definitely a feel-good article!

18 days ago

1985-1995, we were the tent people. 1995-2001 we were the old travel trailer. 2002-2007 we were the tent (10 person tent, for 2) people again (with a high air mattress, stand for a fan, a min-fridge and a small microwave), 2008-2015, 2016-present day we are the ones with a Four winds travel trailer. We finally found the one we really enjoy! Have enjoyed every camping experience we have had, regardless of what we are using. It used to be we camped because it was an inexpensive vacation from work. Now because we are retired, we camp because we can!

18 days ago

We got into it in 2020 with a 22’ travel trailer. Upgraded to a 27’ in ‘21 and now 2/3 through a cross country trip after retiring. Can’t imagine a better way to see the country!

Glenda Alexander
18 days ago

AMEN!! It’s much more interesting than if we all were exactly alike.

Paul S Goldberg
18 days ago

Amen! One of favorite pastimes is walking around the campground and making up stories about the people in the various rigs. Sometimes in NF campground I’ll see tenters eying our 36′ DP. Are they worried we run a loud generator, are they jealous when the temperature drop and the furnace kicks in. Are they dreaming about being in our kind of rig or they more than content with what we have. When we tented among big RVs the only time we got a bit jealous was when it started to rain as the temperature dropped. We sometimes miss the tent, but the ground has gotten too far away and too hard.

19 days ago

Love this

19 days ago

Thank you for sharing a positive perspective on all the differences.

19 days ago

I liked this! Sometimes I have the same thoughts as I look out my dinette window.

Bill Fisher
19 days ago


Sheryl Hendrix
19 days ago


Steve Comstock
19 days ago

Brings the humanity back into the discussion. Many of us can identify with his musings because we’ve had the same thoughts about our fellow campers.

Betty D
19 days ago

That could be me, walking through a campground. I love looking at all the different setups. I feel I can learn from all of them. We boondock a lot so we’ve seen nearly everything. The most fun are racetrack parking lots for big and small local events. It’s such a mix. Million dollar motorhomes next to home made campers. And the owners of both sharing a meal. I remember wandering around and seeing one of the behemoths and asking the owner if I could just peak in. He told me to go in and look around all I wanted. I really liked the crystal chandelier.

Joe Allen
19 days ago

Amen! Going on our 10th year of full time adventure, we whole heartedy agree with this author. Life is a gamble with lots of highs and lows. Enjoy the ride no matter how you get there!

Leslie Schofield
19 days ago

It is nice to see a positive outlook for a change. I love that man’s perspective.

19 days ago

I agree! This is refreshing and made me smile.

Christine Guzorek
19 days ago
Reply to  Kristine

Thanks for sharing this.

19 days ago
Reply to  Kristine

Exactly, Amen!

19 days ago
Reply to  Kristine

Me too!

19 days ago

Are some writers compensated for submitting the most lame articles ? This one seems to be.

Warren G
19 days ago
Reply to  MevetS

Seems like others enjoyed it.

Todd B
19 days ago
Reply to  MevetS

I would suggest that the majority found this article to be quite pleasant and most of us were Capable of understanding what it truly represented. Thanks for sharing, Gail

17 days ago
Reply to  Todd B

💯% spot on!

Tom M
19 days ago
Reply to  MevetS

Did you really have to post that comment ?

19 days ago
Reply to  MevetS

Do the same negative readers need to post “period”. MevetS it doesn’t matter what you have for a camper as long as you’re getting out. I suppose there are some, and you’re probably one, who walk around a campground finding fault with everything you see. I guess your glass is half empty.

Bob p
19 days ago
Reply to  Impavid

My glass is never half full, but I enjoyed the article, at least it wasn’t filled with half truths and misinformation.

19 days ago
Reply to  MevetS

If you don’t take happiness with you… you will not find it where you go…enjoy your’s the best you will get in this life..and you make the choices

18 days ago
Reply to  MevetS

Hmmm…And which of the camping spots were you in?

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