My two recent encounters with Space aliens



Of all the salt and pepper shakers I have owned in my life these are the best. I bought them a few weeks ago at a roadside trading post. The clerk put them in a box. 

But I felt that it was not right to keep such a magnificent treasure hidden away. I am sure that you will agree that this piece of Americana is too incredible to not share with my fellow Earthlings.

Oddly enough, I was passing by a store the other day in Cottonwood, Arizona, when I spotted yet another alien. It bares a striking resemblance to my salt shaker creature. However, judging by the shape of its head, I think it’s probably from different planet.

This alien is much larger than the first — far too big to conveniently hold salt and pepper shakers. To be perfectly honest, I do not know why it is even there. Of course, there is a possibility, albeit slight, it is an actual Space alien. Those big eyes could very well contain spy cameras.

I am beginning to feel that it is no coincidence that I am having repeated alien encounters. If I should disappear from the face of the Earth, you will know that I finally got my wish to explore outer Space!

And while I am on the subject of Space aliens, why do they always have such big eyes? I believe it’s because they live far from their sun, so they are dealing with a pretty serious lack of light.

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Ok, where is that roadside trading post with the salt and pepper shakers? Gotta get some next year when I take off (not in my spaceship, but RV).

Harry Salit

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