Never lose that bumper hose cap again


By Mel Goddard

There are so few places to store your RV sewer hose. You can put it in the basement storage area — if you have such an area and have the room — but the smell can really get to you. For trailer owners, and a few motorhomers, too, it’s great to be able to just stick them away in that convenient square-tube bumper.

But you know the routine: How many of you have lost the cap in transit? Now you’re having to use the “spare” cap — because you keep losing them! The cost isn’t that great but it’s still a sting — who wants to blow a big chunk out of a $10 bill as the price of forgetfulness?

I solved that problem by drilling a 1/4-inch hole through the bumper tube and the cap, then using a 1/4-inch “pip” pin held by a lanyard to keep the cap in place. While the cap may loosen in transit, it’ll never fall off. Save your $10 bucks and buy you and your better half a cup of coffee!

photo: Mel Goddard

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