Monday, October 25, 2021


Never lose that bumper hose cap again

By Mel Goddard

There are so few places to store your RV sewer hose. You can put it in the basement storage area — if you have such an area and have the room — but the smell can really get to you. For trailer owners, and a few motorhomers, too, it’s great to be able to just stick them away in that convenient square-tube bumper.

But you know the routine: How many of you have lost the cap in transit? Now you’re having to use the “spare” cap — because you keep losing them! The cost isn’t that great but it’s still a sting — who wants to blow a big chunk out of a $10 bill as the price of forgetfulness?

I solved that problem by drilling a 1/4-inch hole through the bumper tube and the cap, then using a 1/4-inch “pip” pin held by a lanyard to keep the cap in place. While the cap may loosen in transit, it’ll never fall off. Save your $10 bucks and buy you and your better half a cup of coffee!

photo: Mel Goddard


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