Sunday, October 2, 2022


Awning in danger of high winds? Milk to the rescue!

By Bob Difley

Blasting winds can come up unexpectedly and blow with strong gusts, then fade away. Trouble is, they can leave a trail of bent awning hardware. You may not always receive adequate warning signs and get caught with your awning extended when you’re snoozing or away for a short walk.

Here’s a quick and easy safeguard: Fill plastic gallon jugs with water and hang from the outward ends of your awning. The weight of the water will minimize the lift and flap of the awning and reduce the possibility of damaged fabric or arms if a sudden wind rushes through your campsite.

Use an “Arizona room” or have screens attached to your rig? The same idea can be used to protect them as well. Filled jugs placed on the bottom edge of screen rooms or sunscreens will also do the job.

photo: Si Griffiths on wikimedia commons


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