Friday, December 9, 2022


New app remotely controls RV thermostat


Dometic’s new CT Bluetooth Thermostat (CTBT) app, for iOS and Android, can control the temperature of Domestic single zone air conditioners and the furnace inside an RV. The CTBT app can be used to monitor and control a CT Bluetooth thermostat from a distance when a device is connected using a Bluetooth connection. The CTBT app allows users to change the desired temperature on the thermostat remotely, can turn the thermostat on or off, and can switch modes from cooling to heating (and vice versa). 

Benefits of the app include:

  • Control and monitor temperatures remotely
  • Turn on and off the CFX and/or individual compartments
  • Set battery protection level and temperature alarm
  • Select temperature unit: Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • See what power source your CFX is running on: AC or DC. If running on DC, see what the supply voltage level is
  • Receive an alert if CFX lid is open for longer than three minutes

The app, Thermostat Control by Dometic, is free in its app store.

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Richard Waldron
3 years ago

Bluetooth controlled AV in an RV is damned near useless unless your disabled or extremely lazy. No WIFI on the other hand that would be leave when its cold and switch to cool remotely form a tourist site so Camper is nice and cool when you get back. Now that’s useful!