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Beginner’s Guide to RVing Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 18

Welcome to the Beginner’s Guide to RVing from The information we present here every Monday through Friday is for brand-new RVers – those in the market to buy their first RV and those who just purchased theirs. If you are an experienced RVer, this material may be too basic for you.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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DID YOU MISS reading this morning’s RV Daily Tips Newsletter? Good stuff there.

RVing Basics

My wife has a physical disability that makes it hard for her to get around in most RVs. Are there any RVs made especially for people who are physically challenged?

Yes. Winnebago and Newmar Motorhomes make Class A motorhomes for people with physical challenges. Check with your local Winnebago dealer. RVs are also great ways to travel for parents with disabled children who might not be able to conveniently travel otherwise. For example, we know of an RVing family with a young daughter who needs oxygen round-the-clock. With their motorhome, the equipment is easily transported along. You should also contact the Handicapped Travel Club, which is a California nonprofit corporation formed to encourage RV traveling for people with a wide range of disabilities. For information email Also, check out our Facebook group, RVing with a disability.

I’m not sure of my credit rating. How can I learn it before applying for a loan?

To see where you stand on your credit, you can get a free report from It will include your credit score for all three of the major agencies: Equifax, Experion and TransUnion. Generally, a good credit score for buying at the lowest interest is about 690. Many institutions look to see a credit score of 660 to 700 before offering a loan, but some will offer loans on credit scores as low as the 500 to 600 range, but beware of the high-interest rates that may be charged!

Is it hard to drive a motorhome? They look so big!

While some people are initially intimidated by the size of a motorhome, after driving one for a while they report it isn’t much different than driving the family car. Because an RV is generally larger, there are special considerations to keep in mind — like watching for overhead branches and overhangs, using mirrors more often, and making wider turns than in the family car. A survey of RV owners by Lou Harris and Associates found that three out of four RV owners do not feel that driving or towing an RV poses any difficulty. Experienced automobile drivers already have the basic skills to drive a motorized RV. Automatic transmissions and power brakes and steering are typical.

The best trash can for your car or RV
Don’t let trash litter your car or RV! This small trash can is made for cars and can be attached to either a headrest or the center console with adjustable straps. When it’s not being used, it collapses flat. The trash can is leakproof and waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about anything spilling. This could also be used as a storage container for drinks, snacks or even pet toys. Learn more or order.

Quick Tips

Easy ways to add water to batteries
“When adding distilled water to your batteries, try a plastic turkey baster. Makes the job very easy rather than trying to pour in the water.” —Our thanks to Ruth DeBay and several other of our sharp readers.

Speaking of filling batteries, reader DW/ND suggests the following: ”Take a plastic ketchup bottle and insert a 1/4″ piece of plastic tubing. Insert the tube down into the distilled water and GENTLY squeeze the bottle. When finished, pull the tube up above any remaining water to eliminate drips and accidental flow when handling the bottle. Works like a charm and re-purposes and recycles too!” —Thanks, DW/ND!

Wash out your water heater!
“A lot of people overlook washing out their water heaters a minimum of once a year. It’s simple. Your Suburban water heaters usually have an anode rod. It takes a 1-1/16 socket to remove it. Your Atwood water heater only needs a plug, no anode rod. Also, after you clean your water heater do not (do not!) turn it on right away. Make sure water is back in your heater before you turn it on or you will burn up the motherboard. Give it about a half-hour before turning it on. If your faucets are not running well after cleaning, remove the screens on each faucet and clean them.” —Thanks to Steve Korsvall for the tip from the RV Advice Facebook page

Protect yourself from kingpins at night
“A cheap set of rope lights around the pin box of my 5th wheel keeps me and others from walking into the kingpin (connecting piece on the front of the trailer that slides into the hitch), especially at night. I turn them off at bedtime in respect of my neighbors. I use two sets and run them along the side of the RV.” —Thanks to George Bliss for this bright idea!

To YouTube we go…
“One of the best tips I have given other RVers when they have a small or simple problem (and some big ones, too) is to look on YouTube for a solution. There are thousands of how-to DIY videos on maintenance, fixing and solving RV problems. Even those who first think their problem is beyond their capability, after searching their problem on YouTube and seeing how someone solved it or something very much like it, they give it a try and fix it. Fixing your own problems will save you time and money, and give you the confidence to move on and give the next one a try. If you don’t try then you will never know if you can do it. Good luck on your next RV project and wish me luck on mine.” —Thanks for the tip, Dick Kashdin!

Where to place the remote thermometer transmitter
Can’t find a good location for your remote reporting thermometer transmitter? Stick it out in the sun and it may report way too high. Look for a location under your rig’s steps – in the shade, but close to your inside unit, making it a sure receiver “pickup.”

Common Terms Used by RV Salespeople

DE-HORSE: This is when you talk a customer out of his trade-in and let him temporarily drive the newly purchased RV before the purchase has really been finalized on the dealer’s books. The idea is to keep the customer from shopping around and finding another deal somewhere else.

Another one next issue. Courtesy of the Burdge Law Office.

If you could tell someone new to RVing just one thing, what would it be?

From the editors: We asked our readers this question. Here is one response: 

“Buy used and have a thorough 3rd party inspection. Apply some of your savings to a solid extended warranty.” —Buttercup

Cheap tire tool can save you tons of trouble
What gives when you think your tires are “good to go” but down on air again the next day? Your valve stem valve probably isn’t tight enough. A loose, leaking valve stem can cause a tire failure due to low pressure under load at highway speeds. So do yourself and your vehicles a favor – pick up one of these very inexpensive tools and make sure your valve cores are snugly seated in the valve stem. Click here to order.

Random RV Thought

When hitting the road, before pulling out, double-check that the doors of your cupboards and refrigerator are closed. Otherwise, you could have a big mess on your hands (not to mention your floor).

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Bob M
1 month ago

HL ENTERPRISE, HARBOR VIEW makes travel trailers for handicap people.

1 month ago

I clip my outside temperature sensor under my TV slide, on the “rail”, with an office clip. It’s shaded, and protected from rain.

Gary Holt
1 month ago

We mounted the remote transmitter for our thermometer in the compartment with our propane tank. It is out of direct sunlight and there is enough air circulation to give us an accurate reading.

Roger Becht
1 year ago

When searching u-tube for video help with an issue, make sure to watch several. Some people always take the long way around, others will have a much simpler way to get it done.

1 year ago
Reply to  Roger Becht

and many are very very long winded. Trying to get an extra commercial or two inserted.

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