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A new travel season means a new safety checklist!

By Jeffrey Torsrud A new RVing season is upon us and those who are getting their rigs ready for the travel season need to be...

We did the one thing we never thought we’d do…

By Nanci Dixon We did the thing we NEVER, EVER thought we would do – buy an RV online AND buy it new. Boy, was...

RV Daily Tips Newsletter Issue 1234

Tuesday, December 17, 2019 Welcome to another edition of RV Travel’s Daily Tips newsletter. Here you’ll find helpful RV-related and living tips from the pros,...

5 Mistaken assumptions the new full-time RVer makes

By Nanci Dixon Being almost four years into full-time RVing, I can see clearly (or at least more clearly than I previously could) the mistaken...

Are we still “newbie” RVers?

By Betty Linneman How long is a person considered to be an RVing newbie? Is it so many camping trips or days before one graduates...

Traveling Solo with Margo: RV driving schools

By Margo Armstrong At last, the perfect RV materializes. Now what? Just looking at it sends chills down your back. Sitting in the driver's seat...

Readers’ tips for picking out a campsite

A couple of weeks ago, Editor Chuck passed along some suggestions on how to pick a good RV site. He asked readers if they...

Beginner’s Guide to RVing Issue 3

Issue 3 • January 18, 2019 Welcome, new RVers, and thanks for joining us for another great issue of our Beginner's Guide to RVing newsletter....

Basic tips for “dry camping”

By Bob Difley Dry camping, camping without utility hookups, requires special preparations – and that includes wise use of electricity. Here are a few basic...

Beginner’s Guide to RVing Issue 2

Issue 2 • December 21, 2018 Welcome to the second edition of the Beginner's Guide to RVing newsletter. Here, you’ll find helpful RV-related, and small-space...

Beginner’s Guide to RVing Issue 1

Issue 1 • November 16, 2018 This newsletter is brought to you monthly by RVtravel.com and is funded primarily through voluntary subscription contributions from our...

RVtravel.com to debut newsletter for beginning RVers

RVtravel.com, one of America's longest running websites about recreation vehicles and the RV lifestyle, will debut a new online newsletter this coming Friday, November...