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That was the RV week that was, June 29 – July 5, 2019


Here are your RV news highlights for the week of June 29 – July 5, 2019.

A cheeky RV thief left its owner in tears as he fled the scene inside a stolen Class B motorhome. Helen and Andrew Perks had returned from a trip in their rig to their home in Shifnal, UK. Noises caught their attention in the middle of the night, and they wrestled open their front door. Helen reports, “He was crawling alongside the campervan when me and my husband were trying to unlock our door. When he saw me he stood up, winked at me, blew me a kiss and jumped into the passenger seat before someone drove it off.” Police have offered a reward.

Malheur County, Oregon, has joined the list of locations banning RVs as dwelling places. Two hearings on the matter saw two sides pitted against one another. One argued the county’s homeless population needed RVs as a living option, the other pointing to sanitation and debris as a reason to shut it down. County court officials closed the matter to comments, and within a few minutes, determined no one may live in an RV in the county, with a few exceptions: Use during home construction, short-term visits by guests, those in approved parks, medical hardship cases, and in emergency cases (by permit) – firefighters, construction workers and volunteers.

A bill introduced in the U.S. Senate, if passed, would require all new heavy trucks to be equipped with speed limiters that would stop them from going faster than 65 mph. The bipartisan bill is not the first attempt to put limiters on big rigs – the first of such bills debuted in 2011, but all – so far – have run out of gas.

Heading to Alaska to cool off? Best take your chill packs with you. On June 29, Juneau broke a 110-year-old record when the thermometer hit 83 degrees. Anchorage hit 90 degrees on July 4. The heat is bad enough, but forest fires near Anchorage have folks walking the streets covering their faces with masks. Fires in Fairbanks have led to some evacuation orders.

A stock market analyst says now is a good time to get out of RV industry investments. Writing under the moniker The Shock Exchange, the analyst notes that RV shipments are down 22 percent from the last year, and that the RV industry tends to be a bellwether for the overall economy, leading him to suggest another recession could be on the way. He specifically suggests avoiding investing in RV component manufacturers Patrick Industries and Lippert Components, and retailer Camping World. More here.

An RVer piloting his motorhome got quite a nasty surprise when he attempted to pass a slow moving car near Sagle, Idaho. The unidentified RVer said he attempted to pass a car driven by Michael William Santino on a 4-lane stretch of U.S. 95, and apparently Santino didn’t like it. The car driver reportedly sped up, and the motorhome fell in behind. It was at that point that Santino allegedly reached down, grabbed a pistol, brought it up to the level of his head rest, and pointed it at the motorhome. The RVer called 9-1-1, and police arrested Santino, charging him with felony assault.

Lane County, Oregon, park officials are cogitating how to increase space for campers at their popular Armitage Park, north of Eugene. Three possible plans are shaping up. One would add 9 new RV sites; another would increase them by 19; the last option adds 46 new RV sites. Cost estimates range from $295,000 to as high as $1,500,000. Officials are asking the public for their input on the matter.

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Canadian weather wizards have confirmed that tornadoes are responsible for the roll-over-and-play-dead reaction of RVs at the Meadow Lake Provincial Park near Goodsoil, Saskatchewan, Tuesday, June 25. Three people were injured when winds estimated to be between 83 and 108 mph blasted through the park, but fortunately nobody was killed. In addition to tumbled trailers, trees and sheds were likewise blasted, and golf-ball-size hail added to the misery.

If last year was a horrific fire season for California, expect more of the same – only double. That’s the word reported by CBS, who says fire control exports say that wildfires in grasslands could easily double in size compared to 2018 fires. They predict the highest months of danger will be between October and December. Read more.

Fans of “off the beaten track” campgrounds may be dismayed to learn that winter damage has closed the campground at Devils Postpile National Monument at Mammoth Lakes, California. There are five Forest Service campgrounds in the vicinity that can take up the slack of the 20 sites that will be out of service for the year. The tiny monument is overrun with 150,000 visitors per year, and officials say the campground’s closure will make it easier for day-use visitors.

An Interstate 75 rest area near Piqua, Ohio, was shut down for four hours last Tuesday as police investigated a travel trailer that hadn’t been moved in a couple of days. Highway Patrol officials say when they opened the door they found a 75-year-old RVer, Arthur Joseph Redmond of Livingston, Texas, dead in his bed. Relatives say Redmond was on his way from Texas to Canada for a visit; troopers say that Redmond’s death appears to be from natural causes.

The Washington Post reported that $2.5 million was diverted from the National Park Service to cover the costs associated with President Trump’s Independence Day celebration. The funds were raised from entrance and recreation fees and were originally intended to help revamp parks across the country.

American RVers are full of stories about horrible roadside assistance programs. Two British RVers have their own story. Tracy Salmon, her mother, and her dog were traveling in their motorhome on Saturday, June 24, when the rig broke down near Corby, 86 miles from home. They immediately called the RAC – the U.K.’s premier road service agency – and were told because of a high volumes of calls, they’d have to wait four hours. Far after the deadline, at 10:30 that night they slept in the rig. On Sunday a mechanic appeared, who advised the rig would need to be seen in a shop. At 3:00 pm, the RAC said, “Only four hours more,” until a tow came and hauled them only a short distance. Four tows and 48 hours after the breakdown, they made it home to Suffolk. Tracy, who had to take extra holiday leave due to the snafu, is not a happy camper.

Illinois residents may be annoyed when they file for titles for newly purchased motorhomes. On July 1, fee hikes for titles jumped due to a newly activated law to fund transportation and road improvement projects. While fees for titling new automobiles and motorhomes were $95, for cars the fee is now $150, while a motorhome title has jumped to a whopping $250.

Tuzigoot National Monument in Arizona will observe its 80th anniversary on July 25th. The monument preserves a pueblo ruin just east of Clarkdale. On that Friday a special presentation will run from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. featuring the park’s archaeologist who will give a presentation on present research and projects at Tuzigoot. The museum will transform for the evening and feature temporary exhibits from Jerome State Park, the Arizona Copper Art Museum, the Clarkdale Historical Museum, the Yavapai-Apache Cultural Center, and the Verde Valley Archaeology Center. The event is free of charge.

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Rory R
3 years ago

On the subject of Taxes, everyone has the right to complain about taxes, I live in Ca, and I see comments here and in other threads all the time re: Ca and it’s high tax base and all of it’s over regulation. I see very few complaints from Californians re: RV lemons purchased here. I wonder if that’s because Ca is one of the few states with a lemon law for RV’s. I could go on but I would be getting away from my point. My point is is that most states have lots of taxes or fees that contribute to today’s high cost of living. But most of us are to be busy to notice the states other than where we live has a stifling tax base. We wonder where the money is going since everyday items that we see like roads and other infrastructure seems to be crumbling. The other day I saw a comment about the 6 cents p/gal tax increase on gas in Ca, and someone else chimed in with a 45 cent p/gal increase in one of the northern tier states. It looks like six in one hand, half a dozen in the other. Some people just enjoy whining…..

Bob p
3 years ago

Concerning the item about speed limiting trucks this is a bad idea, it is proven facts when all traffic is moving at approximately the same speed there are fewer accidents. When cars are traveling 75 mph and come upon a truck doing 65 mph or less in moderate traffic where they can’t easily move into another lane it can cause the car to go under the rear of the trailer. I know I only travel 62 mph in the motorhome but I don’t have a rear end sitting 4’ off the ground either, plus the toad is there for them to see.

3 years ago

Here we go AGAIN with the biased slant: “The Washington Post reported that $2.5 million was diverted from the National Park Service to cover the costs associated with President Trump’s Independence Day celebration. The funds were raised from entrance and recreation fees and were originally intended to help revamp parks across the country.”

3 years ago
Reply to  Darrel

Trump’s Independence Day celebration: $2.5 million dollars
Obama’s 2015 Hawaiian vacation: $4.8 million dollars

Vanessa Simmons
3 years ago
Reply to  Al

Wasn’t Washington DC already ground zero for Independence day ceremonies? It didn’t cost that much more than they would spend to secure the mall, monuments, and buildings for any other 4th of July celebration. The cost of the fly bys wasn’t out of parks funds… those pilots and planes would probably be flying anyway I doubt it was a stand down day for all military. I went to our local parade and cheered as the local Air Force Base, Air National Guard and National Guard vehicles and planes participated. So if they could here why not in our nation’s capital.

3 years ago

I’ve been a paid subscriber for years. I very seldom join in any on-line discussions. I’m joining in to add my voice to that of Ed D. , who wrote about Glenn disparaging our President. I am a Vietnam Veteran. I’m 78 and grew up in a Navy family (4 Brothers & Father = 70+ years). I was thrilled by the Salute on the 4th of July. BTW The US Parks Dept spent $30,000,000 a couple of years ago celebrating their birthday. I don’t think the $2.5 million used for the Salute is going to seriously hamper them.

Chuck Woodbury(@chuck)
3 years ago
Reply to  Larry

Larry, as I wrote to Ed. D, calling anyone names here, president or anyone else, is not acceptable. We deleted the comment you referred to.

Ed D.
3 years ago
Reply to  Larry

Thank you for your comment and willingness to express your views, without offending anyone. I thoroughly enjoy reading this Newsletter each week and hope to continue doing so for many years to come. Thank you for your service to this Country. God Bless you and yours.
Ed D.

3 years ago

Glenn-many will agree that diverting needed funds was a poor decision and that the parade was a bad idea. However your choice of language should have been better. All you may have done is help fuel the divisiveness of the faithful followers of #45.

Ed D.
3 years ago

Hey Chuck. I see that Glenn (one of your commenters on this thread) referred to the President as a “{bleeped}”, “narcissist” and that he has a “crooked family” That he can’t wait to see be jailed.
I read above (in this very same newsletter) that someone was blocked from commenting because he called another reader an “idiot”. Am I to understand that calling someone an “idiot” is unacceptable but calling someone a “{bleeped}” is perfectly okay? Hypocrisy runs rampant in today’s society. So does criticism of our President. I understand that not everybody likes the President but this is not the venue to vent their displeasure. I sincerely hope that whoever you have reviewing these comments addresses this individual as well. I have been a paid subscriber to this Newsletter for a few years now. I would really be remiss if I am forced to withdraw my support because “political bias” has become part of the platform here. I will hopefully receive a response to this post and I also hope this problem will be addressed to this individual as well. Thank you for listening.
Ed D.
Deltona, Fl

Chuck Woodbury(@chuck)
3 years ago
Reply to  Ed D.

Ed, I don’t care if a person detests a particular politician or other person, the conversation here has to remain civil, and calling someone a “{bleeped}” is not acceptable. I found a comment similar to what you described, and I simply deleted it. The person you referred to, however, has written many very helpful comments. I think all of us simply need to keep our political beliefs to ourselves here unless we have something to say that is relative to RVing, and then say it with respect. No name calling.

Ed D.
3 years ago
Reply to  Chuck Woodbury

Thank you for your prompt response and quick action. Most of us are here for the specific reason of learning new and helpful things pertaining to RVing. I am very much involved in politics but I never express that while commenting on this site. Thanks again and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

3 years ago

Taxes, another reason to consider where you retire. Illinois is slowly being strangled by its tax system on the remaining working members of the population. There are no free lunches. In my travels, another area to avoid.

3 years ago
Reply to  tom,

and make sure you fill up before you travel through, Illinois doubled the gas tax on July 1st too.

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