Meet my little pal Archie


By Chuck Woodbury
This is Archie, my favorite little furry buddy. He’s 20 pounds of terrier, mostly Border Terrier. He hardly ever barks. His favorite people food is blueberries. He loves to chase squirrels and Bun-Bun, the small bunny that lives under our tool shed. Bun-Bun always outruns Archie, which I am sure drives him crazy.

Gail and I adopted Archie seven months ago from a shelter in central California. He’s less than two years old with a lot of puppy still left in him. Gail saw him at a pet store, where he was on display for the day. When Gail reached out to pet the little fellow, whose name was Grover at the time because he was found in an orange grove, he put his head on her hand and looked at her with his big brown eyes. That was it!

All the girl dogs in our neighborhood love Archie. But he’s no use to them for anything but ball chasing and ganging up on Bun-Bun. Archie, alas, lost his manhood a few weeks before we met him. But he doesn’t know, which is good otherwise he might complain.

Archie’s favorite pastime besides chasing squirrels and Bun-Bun is getting his tummy rubbed.

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Bob Schilling

What a sweet guy that Archie, and aren’t you and Gail sweethearts for taking him and giving him a forever home. I hope more people will follow your example and adopt shelter fur babies instead of supporting what are so often horribly abusive dog breeding farms.


Good luck with the pup he is adorable


We unfortunately lost our Mr. Figgs last Oct, he traveled with us for 13 years and loved Rving. He would explore everywhere we stopped but would not stray far from the motorhome, sure do miss him………………..


Archie’s is a handsome fella. My dog “RV” is a fella, but because of his gorgeous white locks, most people think he’s a girl dog…I just answer “he is pretty enough to be”.

Garry Hammond

Thanks for sharing Chuck!

Sally Smith

We just aquired a 1 1/2 week old kitten 2 weeks ago. Besides taking our aging Bichons, Sugar and Princess, and their younger brother, Buckwheat, the cocker spaniel, Midnight the kitten will also be our travel companion. So far we are doing feedings every 3 to 4 hours. Just like having a baby in the house. I guess we do!!!

Joanna Carey

I’d love to find a little traveling companion like Archie. A real sweetie. Thank you for sharing..


He is adorable

Joanne Parks

Archie is one handsome guy. I am so glad he found Gail and of course you. I am sure he will be excellent company for you. Thank you for telling people to be nice in thier comments. Their is too much rudness in the world. The Thumper rule is youdo not have something nice to say do not say nothinhg at all.

Sandra Grilley

Archie is a very handsome fella!!!

dan tralton

He looks as if he KNOWS he’s a good looking boy!

RV Staff

Chuck didn’t mention this in his story about Archie, but he and Gail had round-trip airplane tickets to visit his aunt in California. When Archie adopted them, there wasn’t room on their return flight to bring Archie back on the plane, so they canceled their return tickets and rented a car so he could return home with them. Archie is a real sweetie! He’ll just love you to death! (And probably would do that to a burglar, too, but don’t tell anyone!) 😀 —Diane at

Luann Fogels

Archie is ADORABLE! When we get our next dog, I told my husband that it will adopt us! It seems that Archie adopted GAIL!

And THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for making sure people know what is acceptable and what is not. Too many people in our world have decided “rudeness” is OK and it has become the norm in so many places. Being rude is NEVER OK! Thank you again!

Andrea Elkins

Awww! I love the scruffy little terriers. I have a 22-lb mutt with an underbite who kinda looks like a miniature boxer. His photos get the most likes on Instagram (@40foothouse)! LOL

Julia Gates

He is adorable. Enjoy your travels!


What a cutie pie!!

Mark Cole

Sooooo cute!!!

Karin S.

Aww, Archie is a cutie. Glad he found you two to love and take care of him. BTW, thank you for reminding folks about the importance of being civil and kind with each other on the forum. I am a member of the Northwood RV forum, (NROA- for folks with Northwood products) and the guy who started it also has the rule of being kind, and no politics. I love the forum for that very reason. Folks are helpful and provide help on issues when asked. I’ve been on other forums and hate when I see folks being disrespectful to others.

And while I’m at it, thanks for all your team does for each and everyone of your readers. If it were not for you, I would never have discovered Mike Sokol, his book, and his incredible electricity knowledge. I have learned so much and pay it forward whenever I can.

marty chambers

Neutering Archie most likely extended his life span. You will want to have as many years as possible with him because they are such a wonderful breed. I have had five borders years ago when my wife and I showed them. I have lost my wife due to cancer and all but one of our dogs. My last dog, T (My T Boy) was a champion and turns 16 in two months. He and I are best buddies. His mother lived to just shy of 18. I enjoy ever day with him.


I was a Driver Trainer for one of the largest OTR trucking companies in the us for 6+ years and was taught exactly what you say. Don’t hit the brakes, more gas then slowly slow down after you have gotten control! Good advice to share!