Monday, September 26, 2022


Did you attend a public fireworks celebration on July 4th?

Did you celebrate the birthday of the USA by attending a public fireworks celebration? Or did you sit at home and do pretty much what you do every day? Or maybe you joined a few of your friends at the RV park, waved a few sparklers and yelled “Whoopee!”

Curious minds would like to know.



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3 years ago

Stayed close to home with the hose, the fire extinguisher, and the phone, trying to keep critters calm while people nearby were firing off illegal fireworks. Already have a couple good sized fires going on public land nearby.

Patti Lounsbury
3 years ago

Nope, my dear husband was Dispatcher for the Cumbres &Toltec Dinner and Fireworks train and our critters and me stayed in the fifth wheel relaxing and hiding from mosquitoes…but we could hear the booms from the spectacular happening in Chama.

3 years ago

we saw a few celebrations but did not attend as we were selling fireworks in a stand at a shopping center. So we asphalt camped for 13 days next to our stand. Wind rain and sun we had fun! And the ones we sell are safe and sane, so less stress on the friendly critters.

Joel and Betty Hagler
3 years ago

At 88 yrs old I avoid crowds or where people congregate.
So no colds, no measles, no noise, no parking problems.
JH in Huntington Bch, CA.

Terry Rose
3 years ago

We loaded 12 of our friends into our RV and drove over to a parking lot close to where the fireworks were going to be. Then our friend cooked up bunches of hotdogs with all the trimmings! It’s nice having a bathroom, running water, and AC (we’re in FL) available. We did it last year also.

3 years ago

We actually leave the country and go to Canada for 5 days over the 4th holiday. The explosions go on for days where we live and our poor little dog just can’t take it (me either) and she will shake for hours even after the last bomb has exploded. About 4 yrs ago we started traveling north and we enjoy our holiday in peace and quiet.

Paul Andrews
3 years ago

I sat with a dog that is terrified of lowd noises. My neighborhood supplied the noise. I’m in Tennessee and just about anything is legal for fireworks. I think next year we will be in a national forest or somewhere fireworks can’t be used.

3 years ago

No, we didn’t leave the homestead but did have friends and family over for a pool party with our own fireworks after dark.

Mary Ann Englert
3 years ago

Didn’t need to attend. We could hear surrounding firework displays on 7/3 and 7/4. Our dog was shaking.

Hoot Gibson
3 years ago

Had family and friends at our camp on the river. Bought our own fireworks and had a 30 minute fireworks show.

3 years ago

After my Bed time.

Edward Wullschleger
3 years ago

Most years we attend the Longmont CO fireworks display, but sometimes set off our own legal fireworks (fountains and other non-flying types) at home or at a relative’s house.

3 years ago

Raised the flag. Said the Pledge of Allegiance and went about my day.

Ron Lane
3 years ago

No, we were too busy cleaning up the mess this 6.4 earthquake made in our house.

Dianna Winsett
3 years ago

No, we sat at home, as we do each year on the 4th time period. Neighbors believe money is no object and shoot off big ones all week, till they run out. Yes, in the unincorporated county with small acreage around us. But on the good side, we don’t spend $ for a good show!

Ray Zimmermann
3 years ago

As great a tradition as it is to celebrate the independence of our country by blowing up stuff made in China, I’m too old to handle the crowds, traffic and, here in Arizona, the heat.
3 years ago
Reply to  Ray Zimmermann

Ironic, isn’t it?

3 years ago

Live in a small community on the water so neighbors setoff fireworks over the water. About hour and a half. Was very upsetting for the animals wild and pets. Was fun to watch but there must be a quieter way to celebrate our nation’s birthday. Anyone see a laser show?

3 years ago

Our local fireworks were cancelled because our Creator had a better idea! And pretty spectacular it was, too!

3 years ago

I didn’t exactly attend the one my town sponsored on 7/3, but I’m less than a mile away and had a great seat on my front porch.

3 years ago
Reply to  RITA M BLACK

Same with me Rita. We had our grandkids and watched from our deck instead of fighting thousands of people and cars in town.

3 years ago

Public sanctioned or sponsored no, but lots of fireworks that were in neighborhood so guess that is public.

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