Monday, January 24, 2022


Not boondocking? Here’s a way to save some money

By Jim Twamley
Liquid petroleum gas (LPG), or propane, is what we full-time RVers try to conserve. Lots of things can run off of propane in RVs including the refrigerator, stove/oven, heater, water heater and even the generator.

One of the ways to conserve your LPG is to use as many electric appliances as you can. I rarely use the stove unless I am boondocking (dry camping — without hook-ups). Instead I use electric appliances like the coffee pot, microwave, electric heater, crock-pot, electric pot and electric skillet. I use the pot and skillet almost every day. I particularly like the pot because it has a vegetable steamer and I like the safety break-away magnetic cord. We also switch the refrigerator and water to electric when in a campground with hook-ups.

By using appliances we conserve on LPG to the point that we only refill the tanks every three months or so. When we first started RVing we were filling the LPG tanks every few weeks. At campgrounds you have already paid for the use of the electricity, so use it and save $$$.


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