Wednesday, January 26, 2022


Now, this is not your average tow vehicle!

Oh, my! Do you think perhaps you might want to seek out the owner of this and see if you can buy it? Maybe use it to tow your fifth wheel trailer?

We don’t know anything about this most unusual vehicle other than it’s a Bug Gone Wild, but we’ll take a wild guess and say the engine is not original equipment.

Do you recognize this? Please leave a comment and tell us about it. We can hardly wait to hear.



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1 year ago

I’d like to see what he’s pulling. Coooooool factor #10

Vic Whitmore
1 year ago

This looks typical of the Volkswagen clubs of Mexico. If you look in the background, the one-way sign is exactly like I see here in Mexico.

Rey L.
1 year ago
Reply to  Vic Whitmore

…and the turn signal in the bumper, no?

Primo Rudy's Roadhouse
1 year ago

can’t go any place anonymously. Pretty cool, though

Donald N Wright
1 year ago

I suggest you contact the ” Dune Buggies and Hot VW’s ” magazine.