Sunday, October 2, 2022


Oh, an unimaginable horror! Be careful not to do this

By Chuck Woodbury
To any parent, the idea of accidentally seriously hurting their child — or any child — by doing something that causes great harm, even death, is almost too difficult to comprehend. When we think such a thing in relation to our own child, we want to instantly force the thought from our mind.

But we have heard stories, and those of us who are parents I believe feel the pain with each one. How could a parent go on if they did something that led to … I can’t even say the word … so I will simply say “a disaster.”

I found these photos on Facebook and it reminded me of how easily it would be to harm a child with absolutely no idea we were doing it. I am reminded by the photos that I never, ever, have even thought of checking out my wheel well before driving off. Something like this could so easily happen in an RV park where children roam around, playing, and we’re not even aware they are there.

So let this just be a reminder to always check around your car, truck or RV before heading off.



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2 years ago

Thanks for sharing. I never even thought of this.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
2 years ago
Reply to  ReneeG

Hi, Renee. Don’t those photos just literally make you cringe? And a person getting into the driver’s seat wouldn’t even be aware. 😯 Take care, and stay healthy. —Diane at

John M
2 years ago

Residents in my Texas town largely park with left wheels to the curb. Because of this, it’s only a matter of time they crush a child. I alerted the Department of Public Safety, and a city councilman… No response from DPS, and no action from the city councilman.  Sad.

2 years ago

How about being proactive instead of just reactive and teach the kids NOT to crawl in there. It might make a good hiding place or a photo op but do some thinking first.

Lester R
2 years ago

Commercial Operators Bus/Truck are required to do a walk around on pre & post trip inspections and after breaks longer than 30 minutes. I make it a habit even with my car and especially my dually. My granddaughter use to ask me if I was looking for bad guy’s when she would see me retrieve my tire buddy from under my seat. I just let her know Poppa was checking his tires. Being able to reach in and apply pressure to the inside tire is reassuring your safety. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

2 years ago

…love dem mouse trap videos, Mouses 5, old wife’s tale 0.

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