Tuesday, September 27, 2022


One good reason not to travel with your propane on

From beneath his coach, certified RV technician and journalist Chris Dougherty shows you how a blown tire could ignite an RV’s propane if the propane tank is still turned on. How can you avoid this happening? Chris has the simple answer.

Chris was the technical editor of RVtravel.com when this video was made. He has since become the technical editor for Trailer Life and Motorhome magazines.


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2 years ago

Re: propane on
It happened to me when the tire blew
It broke the line going to the outside grill. What happened? Nothing. The excess flow shut the gas off at the tank and nothing happened. Just a big bill to repair the damage. I have never shut off the gas and don’t intend to. Now, in all honesty, motor homes do not have that shut off feature when they use the built in tank like the removable one do. Then I might reconsider my actions.

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