RVtravel.com Reader Pets #12

“When we returned from an 18,000-mile trip around the U.S., we pulled into a campground in central Florida for a longer-term stay. Cali came by the campsite as we were setting up. She came back day after day for about two months. We were told she was a local stray. The campground announced that they were trapping all the cats and taking them to the local shelter. By that time, we had gotten too attached to her so we took her to the local vet. Cali has been a great addition to our family and a wonderful traveling companion for three years. She still likes to sleep under the RV every chance she gets. But mostly parked in our driveway now. She stays inside or on her leash if we are in a campground.” —Chuck Baier

“Hi, my name is Madison. I am a teacup Pomeranian. I am 6 years old and weigh 5 lbs. I just love going ‘camping’ with my Mom and Dad in our Arctic Fox fifth wheel. We’re currently in Florence, OR, watching the rain.” —Gerald Glave

“Cash loves camping. She is a Vizsla and traveled well last summer, almost 7,000 miles cross-country.” —Tim Brown

“This is Sunny… Not sure why he thought this was a good place to take a nap???” —David Barnett

“Charly loves traveling in our motorhome all over the country. I’ve captioned this photo, ‘Where are we going next, Dad?’” —Susan Krantz 

“Toad is my first male dog. He is a lover. He is more popular at the RV parks than anyone.” —Renee Gainey

“This is Scully! She loved traveling so much she wouldn’t sit down while we were driving. Sadly she jumped over the rainbow bridge but we still have lots of traveling pictures of her!” —Carol Hamilton

“Cuddles has been camping with us since found on our street as a kitten, and now full-time since 2016. She is 16 years old and stays indoors.” —Lee Kissell

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