RVtravel.com Reader Pets #14

“Heshe helping us drive to our next destination.” —Pamela Jobson

“This is our baby, Zoee, watching us and guarding our rig!” —Hank & Shirleen Smith

Two German Shepherds
“My two great GSDs while we visited Maine.” —Dawn Miller

“Teddy was so excited to see his first mule deer at Mesa Verde National Park that he did all he could to get the best view.” —Ross Hammarstedt

“She is a big dog packed into a little body!” —Julie Greene

“Bowie is one of those Velcro dogs. A Golden Retriever mix. He loves the water, runs like the wind, and provides hours of entertainment. He’s adopted and 4 years old. He ignored our late cats but likes the grandkids. He is great off-leash and loves camping adventures. It was hard to post only one picture.” —John Sabo

“Our dog, Caia, LOVES traveling in our motorhome. She often will not voluntarily get out at the end of a trip and has to be picked up and carried into the house. She is a 14-year old senior girl who we rescued about 5 years ago. In this photo, she is all buckled up and ready to head out on a trip.” —Ellen Powers

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