RVtravel.com Reader Pets #2

Fred and Souixsie
“Our rescue cats, Fred and Souixsie enjoy traveling with us. They’ve bonded well and keep us company as we go.” —Mark and Holly Anderson

Chester and Morty
“Chester and Morty enjoying 4th of July in Santa Fe, NM.” —Jim and Cynthia Shute

“Sam loves the trailer and traveling with us. This is a picture of Sam and me having breakfast and catching up on the news online.” —Kathleen Lee

Issue 1640

Bliss, Indi and Favor
“Bliss, Indi and Favor. These girls enjoy traveling around the U.S. to dog shows and fun events!” —Sheri Mccormick

Issue 1639

“Cian hikes trails from New Mexico to Maine, from Texas to Wyoming. Cian has visited more National Parks and State Parks than most humans. 15 years old and still going!” —Lucy Condon

Issue 1639

“Lily is our 3-year-old, 85 lb. Airedale. She loves to travel, being the first one in, and waits patiently. She is the first one out when we arrive. She has to meet everyone to give them a sniff or lick, and she loves to play with others.” —Douglas Stevens

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