RVtravel.com Reader Pets #26

Cooper and Addison
“This is my Cooper and my teeny little one, Addison. They love to travel, especially Cooper. Cooper is a rare colored Yorkie, a “Parti Yorkie,” and the little one is a Morkie.” —Laurie Romano

“This is Sadie, our 11-year-old French Brittany who just loves to be with us in the RV! In fact, we take the main slide in and out and she lays on the couch enjoying the ride either way. :)) Whenever we go to the water she enjoys floating around with us in her little vest. It is such a joy to have an RV so your pet can enjoy your life with you on the journey!” —Brian Burry

“Just Zoey girl hanging out in her Wanderlodge.” —Nancy Brookshire

“Our greyhound, Aria, gets excited when we start packing to go camping. She knows what’s up. No sneaking around about it.” —Travis Mathna

Sophie and Tessa
“Second time camping for Sophie (White Great Pyrenees) and Tessa. I think they’re getting the hang of it.” —Terry Kester

“This is Daphne, our 54 mph couch potato, rescue greyhound. She loves to travel and has her special place in the RV. She is the reason we traded our 25′ class C motorhome for our 36′ 5th wheel.” —Randy Myerson

“This is our Daisy. She is part American Staffordshire Terrier and part Basenji. She is the most loving dog. She loves all other dogs, from little Yorkies to Great Danes or Cane Corsos. When she sees a dog on a walk she will pull on her leash to get to them. Sometimes this is misunderstood by the other dog or owner, but she just wants to get to them to touch noses and meet them. She loves people with equal exuberance. It’s a rare occasion to hear her bark. She would let another dog bark at her all day and not make a peep. She will just smile at them. She also loves going for rides and hanging her head out the window. She tolerates our Class A because she can’t hang out the window. We may be partial to our pup, but we think she is very special.” —Steve and Joanie Minton

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