Sunday, December 5, 2021


Photo of old motorhome makes me happy

By Chuck Woodbury

A reader sent me this photo. Being disorganized, I immediately lost his email so I cannot thank him properly.

I know virtually nothing about this early motorhome except it is primitive compared to those of today.

What I do know is that looking at this photo makes me happy. My guess is that this is a father and his daughters. Maybe Mom is taking the picture. I bet they are having fun! Oh, I wish I could go back in time and talk to them and get a tour of their wheeled house. It must have been an incredible adventure to travel in such a unique way back in the olden days.

My theory is that many of us still have genes left inside us from when we humans lived in nomadic tribes. I know I have at least a thousand of those genes. If I lived back in the days of the motorhome pictured here, and I saw it drive by I would go mad with “motorhouse envy!”

It seems to me that traveling with a wheeled abode is something many of us fundamentally desire. I dreamed of having my very own motorhome for years. And then when I got one, I fell head over heels in love with it (even though it proved to be a piece of junk and a world champion leaker). I have been in love with my motorhomes ever since.

The good part about a motorhome or another type of RV, compared to say a wife or husband, is that when it gets old and/or starts giving you trouble, you just sell it and get a new one, and it doesn’t give you any lip!


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