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Sit on the toilet and help the chef at the same time


Photo of the Day, February 10, 2020

We have a few comments about this photo.

Some background: You are looking at the open rear door of a travel trailer. As you can see, the trailer has an outdoor kitchen as well as a rear bathroom.

First, a suggestion: If you have an RV like this, our advice is to never bring your guests in this door. It will not impress. Use the front door.

Okay, the point: If you just so happen to be boondocking in the middle of nowhere, and you are not modest about your bathroom activities, then this is a perfect arrangement for doing your business while discussing the preparation of the evening meal with the chef. If the view out the door is of a beautiful vista or sunset, then that is a bonus. Not every toilet can offer such a view.

We are almost sure this scene as outlined seldom occurs, but it could. But some advice you should heed: Do not do this in your typical RV park setting, where your neighbor is only a few short yards away. That would not be cool.

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2 years ago

Hard to believe that this layout exists! But as to a “throne with a view” NO RV facility can ever even come close to the world’s most breathtaking potty view. It is (or it was – haven’t been there in years) at the Indian Bar shelter, on Rainier’s Wonderland Trail. As you sit contemplating your business, you have the entire basin spread out below your feet, with a dozen or so waterfalls coming off the glaciers just above to form the head of the Ohanapecosh river, and the Cowlitz Chimneys across the valley looming above you. The most mind-boggling toilet you will ever sit upon!

Tom McFadden
2 years ago

I am searching for an RVROVER. Not made for many years. Saw one last year, and think it would be a great cart that attaches to trailer hitch. Anyone know of one available???

Larry Tosta
2 years ago

I will be pulling a 5thWheel from Sacramento to Columbia Falls this July. What is the best route to take if traveling I-80?

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