Where was this photo taken? Take your best guess


Here is your geography quiz for today. Where was this photo taken? Do you recognize it? It certainly doesn’t look very hospitable, does it?

Okay, it’s time to take your best guess. The answer will appear after you select your choice.

Remember, it may take a moment for the photo and questions to load. Click your choice.


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Tricky indeed…The sky looks gray in color. Everything I ever saw on “The Martian” with Matt Damon was red in background color. Is this a trick photo? 🙂



Edward Wullschleger

I thought it was the Burns cliff inside Endurance crater that was explored by the Opportunity rover. At least I was close! I haven’t followed Curiosity the way I did Spirit and Opportunity. What an exciting time it was to download pictures from those two rovers every day when they first landed. OK, I’m a space exploration geek!

Diane Mc

Missed it. Knew it wasn’t the Australian Outback as we were blessed to have friends who lived in Australia and invited us on a 6 week trip with 1 “Caravan” towed by a Land Rover and set up to be able to ford rivers and us in a Land Rover towing a jumbuck (that was an interesting “tent”). Both LR’s had roo bars & snorkels. They took us thru the Outback, where we had a beer at an outpost in Innamuca & camped on the Cooper River. Thanks for giving me a reminder of a once in a lifetime experience. Only 10% of Australians have ever been to the Outback.

Jim Schrankel

Looks like a buffalo jump.