Oops! Big rock loaded on little truck. Watch and weep!


What happens when you load a large boulder onto the back of a lightweight Ford Ranger pickup truck? You can probably guess, but this video will prove whether you’re right or wrong.

All we can say is that when watching this you have to wonder about the collective IQ of the guys who are loading the giant rock onto the truck. What were they thinking?

There’s some adult language, so be warned.

Watch the 90-second video and weep!

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10 months ago

Why is he loading it from the side? Not withstanding the weight, wouldn’t it have been easier to load it from the rear? And how’s the truck owner going to get it off?

Richard Chabrajez
10 months ago

This guy is far from uncommon. Behind the contractor desk at most home improvement stores, is a billboard with pictures of sense- challenged patrons and their loading attempts. Check it out on your next visit!

Colin Grant
10 months ago

This is almost as bad as the two guys in Long Beach, CA that tried to steal a coil of sheet metal off a loading dock as it rolled so easy it must not weigh much. They dropped it onto their pickup’s bed from about three feet and it crushed the differential into the pavement and the front came up to point to the sky. They must have not noticed semi’s only carry two at a time. Future candidates for a Darwin Award.

Bob P
3 months ago
Reply to  Colin Grant

The old saying the prisons are full of stupid criminals, the smart ones are still on the streets committing their crimes.

Tom Smythe
10 months ago

It truly is the stupid people of the world that make it so entertaining for the rest of us.

10 months ago
Reply to  Tom Smythe

Hey. And they even took a picture of it, too…. :\

10 months ago

Funniest thing i will see today.

Gary Swope
10 months ago

What a GOOBER……Jeezzzz.

Carl J.
10 months ago

Sooooo Stupid! A did with a small Ford Ranger. Next time use a F250 or bigger

10 months ago


Tony Gard
10 months ago

My exact thoughts. Was sure we would see at least the rears blown.

James LaGasse
10 months ago

Not just the rock being to heavy for the truck but to drop it in compounds the problem and how did he think he was going to get it out of the truck without great damage? There was no thinking involved from the owner of the truck or those loading the boulder.

Bob P
3 months ago
Reply to  James LaGasse

Thinking is not part of stupid!

Tom Smithbrother
10 months ago

Did it break the springs or axle?

10 months ago

The classic example of cheap skate old guy won’t pay $50 to have it delivered.

Bob P
3 months ago
Reply to  TPalmer

Old has nothing to do with cheap skate or stupid, THATS AGE DISCRIMINATION!

Rick Sorrenti
10 months ago

I laughed my {bleeped} off watching the video then immediately following the video was the caption…..” Support quality RV journalism”……