Monday, October 3, 2022


This ex-airliner could be your very own RV!

Now, this here is a cool RV! No, you say, it’s just an old airplane without wings and engines. Well, either way you are right: It’s an airplane that doesn’t fly, but inside it has just about everything a regular RV has. You even drive it from the cockpit, where there are two steering wheels. So you can drive it from both seats. This most unusual RV is for sale right now on eBay for $99,000 and change.

Yes, it’s definitely a fixer upper

It’s a rescued 54-foot long 1957 Convair 240 airplane turned into motorhome with full amenities. The fellow who restored it, named Jason, named it “Andromeda” after the Ethiopian princess of Greek mythology. Jason took out the undercarriage and replaced it with the inner-workings of a Pace Arrow motorhome. It’s built on a heavy-duty diesel chassis with International diesel engine.

It’s off-grid ready, powered by 50-amp landline plus generator and solar power, so you can live in this sustainably. Enjoy a few drinks in your personal Jacuzzi in the living area inside the main body of a real retired aircraft. “Andromeda” is registered with the state of California as a motorhome.

Bunk beds are located behind the cockpit. It sleeps 4. And there’s a bathroom and kitchen. What more could you want? Okay, there’s a microwave. And there are all kinds of dials, gauges and ’50s-era airplane controls to play with.

This beauty can cruise down the freeway at a speedy 65 mph.

But don’t try to fly it. Nothing doing on that.

Learn more about it, or buy it here.


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2 years ago

Looks like getting in and out is the problem.

2 years ago

Two steering wheels. I like that. Don’t have to pull over to switch drivers, go to fix lunch, or go to the head. “Take the wheel dear, I’m gong for a nap.”

2 years ago

Personally, I always wanted a fire truck for a tow vehicle. 🙂

2 years ago

Now that is what I call a nice AirV, needs some fixing though.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
2 years ago
Reply to  DutchEagle

An AirV, huh? Good one, DutchEagle! 😀 —Diane at

2 years ago

And it’s areodynamic! Lol

tim palmer
2 years ago

A Jacuzzi? How big are the fresh water tanks and grey and black tanks?