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Do you plan to spend more time RVing this summer than last?

Last year was tough for just about everyone, including RVers. Our favorite pastime – hitting the road with our magical homes on wheels – was put on hold while we sat around half bored to death trying to avoid catching an invisible bug that could do very bad things to us and those we love.

But here we are now with about 42 percent of us fully vaccinated for COVID-19, and more standing in line for their shots every day. Many of us, including the core staff of, are feeling a new sense of freedom. We’re just hoping that our Canadian friends will get their shots soon so we can open our borders and begin visiting each other’s magnificent countries again. We miss our northern neighbors!

Okay, all that said, what are your plans for this summer? Will you spend more time in your RV than last? We’ll take a wild guess and answer yes. But we’re curious exactly how much more time you’ll spend.

So what’s the plan?

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Rita M. Black
1 year ago

Last year I only got to camp for 1 week with my TT. I had a problem with my suspension and because they put RV mechanics as “not essential” I couldn’t get it fixed before the trip I had planned. The decision was changed but not until near the end of the camping season. So, I only was able to make that one week.

1 year ago

Last year, like this year, we took the months of April and May to travel around this great land ((the middle of the country this year) from NC mountains to the Gulf to the upper mid west and then home. Almost all back roads. Lots of off beat attractions to view, with few crowds.
We usually take a few shorter trips in our home area during early summer and then hit the road again in mid September and October. We try to avoid long trips (and a need for reservations) during the hottest months of summer. Works good for us old geezers!

Neal Davis
1 year ago

We will spend more time RVing this YEAR than last year, but only the same amount this SUMMER. We have taken a trip of at least 3 days January through May. We did not make any trips January through May of last year. I expect that we will continue that pattern through the summer, which is what we did last summer.

Last edited 1 year ago by Neal Davis
Deborah Mason
1 year ago

Last year we went to 2 dog trials (2 days & 3 days) and a 2 day trip 20 miles from the house. We’ve already been on the road (Bucket trip to Grand Canyon and family visit to Lake Havasu) since May 25 and have a few more days to go before we get home.

Paul S Goldberg
1 year ago

It really is hard to say. We live full time in our coach. last Spring we drove it cross country in 8 or 10 days and spent the balance of summer moochdocking at a son’s house – fhu. Then essentially drove back across the country to stay in our winter home base at a SKP Coop. So far this year we have been on the road for the month of May, and are leaving our coop again in a few days to visit friends and family and tour on our way to Escapade in WY. Then back to the east coast for the balance of the Summer and into Fall before returning cross country to Jojoba Hills SKP Resort

Roy Davis
1 year ago

We didn’t let the events of last year deter us much but we did have to alter our plans to accommodate. We did do a lot more overnighting at Cracker Barrel, Cabellas, WalMart and such. We have a special option that is available to us sometimes. As a retired minister we’ve stayed in church parking lots, often in exchange for filling in for a sick or vacationing pastor. While many state campgrounds were closed, several states had their parks open for day use.

Matt C
1 year ago

So much was closed or cancelled that we ended up just taking the coach to places we were going just to run it. I have great hope for this season.

1 year ago

We are wanderers who do not travel well with reservations. Your articles about camp ground crowding have me concerned and we will not be headed out this summer, which is a major bummer for us.

Barb W
1 year ago

We planned several trips this year until we called for reservations and found all the campgrounds booked.

Dan H.
1 year ago

Sold our 38’ TT that we did not tow this past spring. Ordered a new 27’ TT that will built in about a year (hopefully)that will be a 2023 model. Getting ready to order a 3/4 ton truck that wii arrive maybe in December this year. No trucks & RV available hardly anywhere. At this point and what they cost we will just wait and get exactly what we want. Safe Travels Everyone!

Kelley Miller
1 year ago

I have already spent more time RVing this year than last year (36 nights so far), but I probably will not go anywhere during the actual summer months because it is too hot in Texas. My next trip may not be until mid to late September, unless I can make arrangements to work remotely long enough to go somewhere cooler before then.

1 year ago

We will be traveling this summer. Last summer we took work-camping jobs at West Yellowstone. Saw a great deal of the park. but need to see different areas of the country this year.

Bob P
1 year ago

Last year we sold our motorhome, within two months we realized our mistake. This spring we decided we’d get back into camping, just not as big as before. We are both in our super senior years and bought a truck and travel trailer half the size of our motorhome. This way we can still go out for a few days in the first part of the week before the weekenders crowd in.

1 year ago

We had three trips planned last summer. All were cancelled because of the pandemic. States not allowing people from other states, and campgrounds closed due to restrictions. Plus, our health is more important to us than taking a chance.

1 year ago

we don’t rv in the summer. too many people chasing too few spots.

1 year ago

Less, less hassle add re will just scoot of the the cabin. More elbow room and less noisey nosey neighbors wwxarecall in our 60s and older and tend to keep out kids and grand kids reminded that it’s 800PM time to turn down the volume and usually a good movie outdoors does that. No fighting for a spot, barking dogs, getting smoked out by camp fires (green wood) wacky weed, someone in their throws of passion. Yup until the border opens I think camping starts the day after Labor Day this year.

Rolling Coal
1 year ago

Last year we were out for a total of about 6 weeks. So far this year, we’ve been out for a solid 5 months and not returning home until after September because where we’d normally live is a hot spot for the Indian Covid variant and our Federal government has failed to secure any meaningful quantities of vaccine other than Astra Zenica. Still waiting for a 1st jab!

1 year ago

Had to put “yes” although our “rv-ing” is merely staying out in a campground till September 😆

Ron Lane
1 year ago
Reply to  Kamwick

Very similar answer. We own and therefore spend our entire summer (May thru Sept) at on our rv resort lot. We only travel to and from so really that would be the extent of our “rv-ing”

1 year ago

We are hoping. Last year will be tough to beat. With time off from work we were able to go on many trips last season.

1 year ago

Yes! We have tix to 4 music festivals this summer and 2 in the fall…all within close proximity to golf courses.

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