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About how many nights in the last year have you spent in a rest area?

When you’re not able to find a campground — or you don’t want one to begin with, do you spend a night in your RV in a highway rest area? Most of us have seen RVers obviously “camped out” in such places when passing a rest area after dark.

In many if not most states, a stop for sleep of up to 8 hours is permitted. It’s hard to know if any official is paying attention, but the end result is that if you stay for a little longer, you’ll be fine. Most RVers we have talked with report they never, or almost never, have any security issues. State troopers report, however, that problems do come up. They advise anyone who stays the night to open their doors only for law enforcement officers.

So what about you? About how many nights in the last year have you spent in a rest area?

As always, the poll may take a few moments to show up, so stand by. It’s on its way, we promise.

Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.



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Loren (@guest_135557)
2 years ago

Haven’t been anywhere in the last year! Before that we frequently stayed in rest areas.

Bob Weinfurt (@guest_135475)
2 years ago

Usually a few times a year but haven’t traveled far this past year.

Patricia (@guest_135464)
2 years ago

We stayed at an Ohio Turnpike RV sites for the 1st time last month. Wished more states had RV overnight site like Ohio’s. Great when traveling through an area.

Roy Davis (@guest_135437)
2 years ago

As a general rule we avoid staying at rest areas because of the semis with their engines or their refrigeration running. The trucks with DEF requirements aren’t too bad but sometimes the other’s fumes will make the wife get a migraine. That’s also why we avoid Walmart as well. We look for Cabelas or Bass Pro Shops if unable to find a campground.

Last edited 2 years ago by Roy Davis
Micheal Whelan (@guest_135410)
2 years ago

Depending on state we usually hit them when heading south or the winter. Illinois are great 😌 with no security issue. Almost have to as most campgrounds are closed in the northern states in December.

Jeff Craig (@guest_135408)
2 years ago

None, but we haven’t been traveling more than two hours from our home since the pandemic blew up. I will say it was getting very difficult finding space at many rest areas along the west coast, even during the day.

Kat (@guest_135401)
2 years ago

Not an entire night. Maybe 4 hours for a snooze before going any further!

Ellen (@guest_135396)
2 years ago

Haven’t in the past year, but have been known to overnight in a rest area, especially on long stretches of interstate. We once stayed in a gorgeous rest area over a river where we watched deer and a doe come out for their evening drink. I think it was in eastern Montana. It’s a throw of the dice, unless you’ve been through an area and know what’s waiting for you at the end of the ramp.

Bill (@guest_135386)
2 years ago

We often stay at the campgrounds on the Ohio Turnpike, but haven’t since last April. Very rarely in other rest areas.

MN Anon (@guest_135344)
2 years ago

We take about a week to travel between MN and FL staying in a combination of State Parks and Rest Areas. Some rest areas are lovely, the price is right, and it’s easy to get right back on the road.

Neal Davis (@guest_135335)
2 years ago

None in the last year, but we did stay in a Kansas rest stop that was along a state (US?) highway on our way back from Alaska almost two years ago. That was, and remains, the first and only night we have spent in a rest area.

Bill Peters (@guest_135321)
2 years ago

On a trip to Alaska several years ago there were several nights in rest areas. We have not traveled much in the last year, so — none.

Irv (@guest_135314)
2 years ago

The only time I’ve slept in a rest area was on a trip across Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. While driving we learned the next day’s forecast was for gusty winds above 60mph. so we drove all night to out run the weather front. I napped for a couple of hours at two different rest areas. Normally I drive 300 miles a day, this drive was 873 in 24 hours.

Later I found this news story:
Numerous car crashes were reported around Lubbock, Texas on April 10, 2019, as strong winds swept over the region, blowing huge amounts of dust.
NWS reported sustained winds of 40 – 50 mph and gusts to 73 mph.”

Tommy Molnar (@guest_135299)
2 years ago

The picture looks like “Millers” on Hwy 95 just north of Tonopah, NV. If so. it’s a mecca of overnight RV’ers and we’ve stayed there many times. The sheriff rolls through regularly and will remind you that you only have 18 hours. We feel very safe there.

Bruce (@guest_135283)
2 years ago

As full-timers, we travel 1,000’s of miles each year and have never had to stay in a Rest Stop or Walmart parking lot, even this year. We boondock when necessary (without FHU) and/or do a little planning ahead.

tom (@guest_135276)
2 years ago

Most that I might do in a rest area is a nap.

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