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How would $7 a gallon gas prices affect your summer travels?

Reader pollsTwo weeks ago we asked you the following question: Will high fuel prices affect your RV travels this summer? You can see the results here (but maybe wait until you vote now and see the results). But that was two weeks ago. Much has changed since then—primarily because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions that have been imposed since. We wonder if your plans have changed.

Prices have soared in the just the past two weeks to $7 a gallon in some places, even higher. In RVtravel.com’s hometown of Seattle, gas prices are now routinely topping $5, and diesel prices have reached $6 a gallon.

It seems reasonable to assume that the entire country will see higher prices ahead. Already, in very remote areas, prices have zoomed right on past $7. In Death Valley National Park, at Furnace Creek, a gallon of unleaded gas will now cost you a gas-gulping $8.75 a gallon!

So let’s ask the same question again that we asked two weeks ago, but this time let’s include an actual price—$7 a gallon! What if the price of gas where you travel hits that mark or goes higher? How will it affect your summer travels?


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6 months ago

My concern now is if Putin starts a cyber war and shuts down a power grid,,that will be a problem. . No power,,,no gas, no travel. We are planning a trip to calif. Next week for a funeral.we want to be able to get home too. What will happen to RV..ers

6 months ago

Fuel prices have gone up because of Biden’s ineptness Not because of the Russian invasion.

Glen Anderson
5 months ago
Reply to  Brad

Misinformation! Fuel prices are set by OPEC and the US is not a member. Biden has nothing to do with it….

Bob p
6 months ago

What do you mean will $7 a gallon affect my driving? $4.59 has all ready affected my driving, we just bought a permanent vacation home in FL. I said I’d never buy an EV in my lifetime, but the electric golf cart came with the house, not bad, but I keep forgetting to plug it in every 3-4 days. Lol

Deborah Mason
6 months ago

We have one Bucket List type trip planned with my sister. We’re going. Most of our other RV use is when we go to dog competitions & stay free or very cheap.

6 months ago

Gas in my area today is anywhere from $3.469 to slightly over $4 a gallon. Diesel, with my TSD card, is $4.365 to slightly over $5. Both have actually fallen a few cents over the last week.

We plan to camp more, but in home and neighboring states.

Last edited 6 months ago by Spike
6 months ago

I sure don’t like to think about this price. My truck uses diesel and I have estimated this exact price for our trip this summer. I’m sure hoping it doesn’t go this high. We will be traveling about 5000 miles on a planned trip so this will be a large expense on the trip.

Neal Davis
6 months ago

I don’t really know, but gasoline doesn’t matter much to me. My RV burns diesel. Depends on where the price of diesel goes, not gasoline. We’ll see.

Bob Weinfurt
6 months ago

Might take a 200 mile trip to the Maine coast this summer but many local camping trips this year.

6 months ago

Although it hasn’t been mentioned—yet, we can’t forget the gas shortage back in the mid 70s. We were stranded in our car, unable to even buy fuel in Oregon, because stations reserved their fuel for local customers. (Friends filled gas cans to enable us to “escape”.) If fuel becomes scarce, it may extend beyond higher prices. It wouldn’t be surprising for drivers of big rigs to find buying fuel difficult or impossible. That is a consideration for us in maybe curtailing a long trip we had planned. Wait and see.

Sharon N
6 months ago

We just decided to cancel our trip from our home in AZ to FL (visit family) to NC (fishing at the Outer Banks) to MD (my home state) to PA (husband’s home state) to OH (visit friends) and back home. Diesel prices were part of the reason but we have been having problems finding oil and DEF recently. We have a concern with what other things (parts for repairs) may not be available and leave us stranded somewhere for who knows how long. We live in the middle of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest and will likely just camp close to home for the time being.

Last edited 6 months ago by Sharon N
6 months ago

We are fulltimers and we aren’t going to live forever. We will go where we want and stay as long as we want. Until the government physically pulls us off the road, we’re traveling.

Bob p
6 months ago
Reply to  Peggy

That may be sooner than you think as government wants to be your nanny and control every minute of your lives, that’s what socialism is.

Jim & Dani S.
6 months ago

Just sold our house last December and winter camped in our motorhome in NYS. Secured a seasonal site this summer so we will not be traveling too much with the RV. When the campground closes for the season, mid October, we will be traveling south. This was our dream of being full timers and the higher fuel prices will not stop us but we have to be smarter and will stay longer at a campground than originally planned. Maybe by this fall the prices will stabilize or even drop.

Donald N Wright
6 months ago

I have already made paid in full reservations, and many campgrounds have computer problems when you ask for your money back. However, with the $12.00 a gallon diesel fuel, the campground should be less crowded.

Bill & Brenda
6 months ago

We planned to RV to Alaska via Banff and Jasper CNPs the summer of 2020 and Covid caused us to postpone that once in a lifetime trip. We plan to make the trip this year and have made most of the critical reservations. We presumed gas would average $5.00 per gallon. $7.00 per gallon gas will increase our fuel cost by about $2000.00 but we are going. No one knows when their last day on earth will be and we don’t want to wait another year to make this epic trip.

Del W
6 months ago

Well, the price sucks but one thing we can not save is time. I plan to use my time to go and do the things I want to do. You can not get back the lost time and CoVid did a number on that already. I will not just sit an watch my trailer sit and go nowhere.

Marie Dalzell
6 months ago

Being seasonal and only 40 minutes from home, the gas price won’t affect our camping.

6 months ago

All of our trips this year are close at state parks or more localized campgrounds. Our longest trip in 260 miles (each way). For that one the gas may cost more than the site for 6 days.

Greg Bryant
6 months ago

Two years ago, we had planned a big family vacation to Oregon where my family lives. We were going to take the fifth wheel and fly the kids and grandkids out. COVID killed that so we are planning it for this summer. Not going to cancel it again. We’ll do what we have to to make it happen.

But we have had to rethink some things. We wanted to sell the S&B and go full time. Now we are not so sure it’s the right time. Fuel prices are playing a big part of our decision making.

6 months ago

Yep…prices so high in Calif we are quitting and selling the trailer. Diesel approching $7 a gallon now……sucks, and was preventable. The current administration caused it to happen because they want us in electric cars!

Brian Burry
6 months ago

It will be disgusting, knowing America has more known oil fields/reserves than the next highest producing oil nations combined, but our travel is very important to us. We visit relatives and friends, and see the beautiful wonders of our nation, as we enjoy our Motorhome! We will vote for those who care about Americans this November!

Bob p
6 months ago
Reply to  Brian Burry

Be careful you’re getting political with the truth, some can’t stand the truth, especially those of the party in charge.

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